Trevor's Number the Stars Book Diary By trevor shifflett


I think war is bullets flying in the air and sounds of grenades blowing up everywhere. People running through the battle fields screaming. Soldiers are flying through the air while trying to protect their country.

In World War 2 I think people felt sad and mad because they were losing loved one. They were probably stressed because they didn't know what to do and how to defend their city.


My neighbors are like my family to me. I always go down to their house and we do crazy stuff. My friend and i always go to this creek we have beside our houses and we catch tad poles and ride our four wheeler's and dirt bikes threw it and into the trees. We basically live at each others house.


Literary Analysis

Mama says, "Be one of many." I think this means the soldiers see a lot people every day and in this city people don't want the soldiers to remember their faces=

The johansens are being guards for the Jews because the guards shut down there stores and they can't make any more money. They might give them food and money for tea and food.

Cameron said they might might provide them shelter and warmth

Annemarie felt worried that she might have to be a body guard for her friend. She was scared and afraid for her friends because they are jew's and the soldiers did not like the jew's.

Annemaries felt scared and nervous in chapter 3 and 5 because her friend could get taken away by the soldier.

Its kinda like they are a family and there always going to stick together and be together. I think it means she would die and save her friend then her friend die and she stays alive.


Momma and Peter took took Ellen and some more jews to a Henrik's ship to go to Sweden, and on the way back Annmarie’s mom sprained her ankle tripping over a tree root. Annmarie needs to run to the ship with bread, cheese, and other food and supplies for the jews. I predict that Annmarie will get stopped by a soldier and she will tell him she taken it to a fisherman that forgot his food but the guard doesn’t believe her and he will walk to the ship and the guard will figure out there’s jews on the ship and Peter and the jews will have to run away into the ocean on the ship to Sweden and Anmarie will get captured.


Man vs. Nature

A time in Number the Stars where there was a Man vs. Nature conflict is when Annemarie was in the woods going to give Henrik his food and the handkerchief. She had to go threw this long dark path in the woods and Annemarie kept hearing noises and foot steps in the trees and bushes.

Its a big part of the book and she was in the woods which is a part nature. The footsteps show that theres something from the nature out there and he has to avoid it.

Man vs. Man

A part in Number the Stars that was Man vs. Man is when the soldiers came into Henrik's house and told them to open the casket and Annemarie's mom said they will. But the soldier slapped her in the face and told her to do it when they leave

I knew this was a Man vs. Man because the soldier hit Annmarie's mom and they were arguing.

Man vs. self

A time in Number the Stars that was Man vs. Self conflict was when Annemarie had to decide if she wanted to go threw the woods and give Henrik the food and the handkerchief it was dangerous and she had to be fast and quite.

This is a man vs self because Annemarie had to make a desicion on if she wanted to go through a dangerous path to Henrik to give him food.

Man vs Society

A part in the book that had Man vs. society is when Annmarie was walking the trail in the woods to give Henrik his handkerchief and the soldiers stopped her. She had to act like she was a silly little girl and they kept giving the bread to the dogs and messing with her food. She had to be brave so they didn't put her in jail.

The soldiers were being mean to her and they didn't care about her food. She told them to stop and the soldiers still kept doing it.


If your brave then everything will be okay I think that means to me if you are brave then there will be no worries or pain because you wont have to think about all the stuff going on. You can do so much more in your life and help others.

When Annemarie went the into the woods she was very brave. When the soldiers came up to her she acted like a silly little girl she wasn't afraid she listen to what her mom said, and the guards walked away after a while.

Annemarie's mom was very brave when the guards came in uncle Henrik's house and told her to open the casket she stood there tough and strong and said okay to the soldier. He smacked her in the face and she didn't argue she was brave and just walked away.

Vocabulary Words


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