Tour of the Harn Museum Good life Common Activity by garret hack

Artwork by Giovanni Battista Piranesi(1750) Photo by Garret Hack(11:42am, March 14,2017)

Mediumof the Artist

This art displayed in the picture above is an etching created by Giovanni Piranesi in 1750. It is a "First-state impression of 'The Drawbridge'," one of his "Carceri" series or works. The striking quality of this work comes from its intricacy and the fact that it is an etching. Historically, etchings were prints made from engraved metal plates covered with ink. Knowing the method of creation for this work gives an impression of the artist's dedication and patience, as each line on the paper reflects the presence of a delicately carved groove in the original metal plate. The work communicates attention, devotion, and passion. It evokes a feeling of awe, and reverence.

Photo by Garret Hack(11:42am, March 14,2017) located in Gladys Gracy Harn Exhibition Hall in Harn Art Museum

Design of the Museum

The photo above shows the Gladys Gracy Harn Exhibition Hall. This was one of the most enjoyable exhibit areas in the museum. The openness of the space between walls and artworks gave a calming feeling, and a soothing acoustic atmosphere. Additionally, the more intense lighting in this area gave an effective contrast to the dark lines of the prints displayed in that room, allowing for clear visibility of detail in the artwork. The room made me feels sense of anticipation for each successive work of art, and gave an aura of serenity.

Painting by Herman Herzog(no recorded date) Photo by Garret Hack(11:48am, March14,2017)

Art and Core Values

The photo above displays a painting by Herman Herzog, titled "Landscape with Three Deer." The title is fairly vague, and tells little detail about the painting itself. However, the vague title may be appropriate because it conveys the sense of unknown that is present in the work. Wild and untouched, the landscape in the painting gives a sense of serene beauty and fragility. The painting connects to my core value of appreciating and preserving the beauty of nature. It installs me with a yearning to immerse myself in the same landscape of the painting. It helps me to understand my appreciation of nature by allowing me to see the fragility of the creatures in the artwork, which reinforces my vigor for protecting the natural environment.

Artwork by Nickolas Muray(1939) Photo taken by Garret Hack(11:51am, March 14,2017)

Art and the Good Life

The photo above shows a photo titled "Frida Kahlo on White Bench, New York" which was taken by Nickolas Muray in 1939. Frida Kahlo was an artist who often created pieces that featured herself with grotesque or bizzarre physical features. Contrary to the themes of her own works, Muray's photo of Kahlo simply shows her as a normal woman, presenting her as an object of artistic beauty. In this way, the photo emphasizes the Embodiement of then Good Life by showing how Frida Kahlo was able to live her good life, and be seen as beautiful by other people, even though she would not have fit the social expectations of beauty. This idea fits with my understanding that individuals can still live the good life even if their bodies do not meet social standards.

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