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FHE Turkey Bowl 2019

The Tradition that started here on The Hill (nearly 30 years ago) and spread throughout the BASD continued with our 5th Graders facing off against our Staff in Flag Football.

Turkey Bowl VIDEO

Our Principal Mrs. Stambaugh and The Hill Leadership Team use this section of THE HILL to share important news and announcements related to our FHE School Community.

November Review

November is an excellent month to reflect on what we are thankful for. As the principal of Fountain Hill Elementary School, I am grateful for so much! I am thankful for the dedicated Fountain Hill staff, our talented students, committed families, plethora of resources and the strong partnerships we have through our Community School Office with Lehigh University and various community entities. It takes a village to ensure the well-being, health and success of our students, and it is an honor to work side by side with everyone!

November started with our 5th grade students participating in the Lehigh University Education Day and wrapped up with Thanksgiving Feasts and The Famous Fountain Hill Turkey Bowl!

Our Student Lighthouse team recognized outstanding students (Kindergarten- 5th grade) for Leader in Me, Habit 1: Be Proactive. The Student Lighthouse team is also preparing for their first Leader in Me Recognition Breakfast! Habit 2: Begin with the end in Mind, will be December’s focus habit.

Mrs. Stambaugh and Mr. Sanchez with students who were recognized for Leader In Me Habit 1: Being Proactive.

December Reminders:

· Students should dress for the weather! In the event your child needs a jacket or gloves, please contact our Community School Coordinator, Mrs. Hoffman.

· The Holiday Concert will be held on Friday, December 13th. There will be two performances. The first performance will be at 9:30 AM and the second will be at 1:45 PM. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher or Mrs. Henry, the music teacher at jhenry@basdschools.org

· Winter break begins at 3:40 PM on Friday, December 20th.

-Mrs. Stambaugh, Principal

Each month our Student Reporters select an FHE Staff Member to be our FEATURED TEACHER. They share their interview in this section of THE HILL.

Mrs. Frank

ESOL Teacher, 4th & 5th Grade

Below is the Student Reporters' interview with Mrs. Frank

Q: How many years have you been teaching at FHE?

A: This is my 8th year at Fountain Hill.

Q: What is your favorite Children's Book?

A: Wonder

Q: What are your hobbies when not teaching?

A: I like to bake, watch movies, read books, take walks outside, and love to do arts and crafts.

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Teal.

Q: What Colleges did you attend?

A: Lycoming and Penn State Allentown.

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Indian Korma Curry, and my favorite dessert is Creme Brulee.

Q: Who was your hero while growing up?

A: My hero was my grandmother, who survived the bombings of London in World War II.

Q: What is your all-time favorite lesson/activity to teach?

A: I love to teach kids writing and teach my kids cooking.

Q: What is one of your favorite memories from when you were in Elementary School yourself?

A: Making my sister's peacock costume.

Who will be our next FHE FEATURED TEACHER?

Find out in the next month's edition of THE HILL: FHE's Digital Newsletter.

Lehigh Women's Basketball Education Day Game

On November 13, our 5th Graders were invited to attend annual game at Stabler Arena. Students learned about leadership, teamwork, and working hard while enjoying a Lehigh win! Go Lehigh!

Thankfulness on THE HILL

Check out how some of our Tigers celebrated the Thanksgiving at FHE.

Our Student Reporters want to know more about our FHE School Community. Each month they'll ask a question, and share the responses in this section of THE HILL.

This Month's Question....

What Are You Thankful For?

This video was 100% created by our Student Reporters!

They "Appsmashed" two Apps together by having teachers record themselves in an app called Flipgrid and then imported those clips into WeVideo to create this finished video.

Jaydan and Quentin working on this video! (Kyle interviewed students)

Mrs. Hoffman and Mrs. Meckes will use this new section of THE HILL to highlight our after school programs, community partners, and services they provide for our students and families.

Upcoming Hill Happenings.

Book Blast & Heritage Night: January 30, 2019

Questions about after school programming? Contact Mrs. Meckes: cmeckes@basdschools.org

Please contact Mrs. Hoffman: phoffman@basdschools.org

This monthly section of THE HILL will let readers follow in the tracks of our FHE Tigers to give a sense of what it's like to be a part of our family of learners and leaders.


Thankful Turkeys in Pre-K Counts with Miss Bucciero.


Ms. Jones and her Kindergarteners enjoying a visit from Mrs. Hoffman who stopped by to read a Thanksgiving story.

1st Grade

Mr. DiCicco helped Mrs. Stachina's class share their ideas about Communities by recording their own videos.

2nd Grade

2nd Graders using their "Touch and Say" bulletin board to scaffold up to proficiency during collaborative partner sessions.

3rd Grade

Ms. Kruk's class worked with Mr. DiCicco on sharing their math strategies via video.

4th Grade

Local author Dennis Scholl taking time to answer 4th grades’ questions about Tales of the Towpath!
State Representative Jeanne McNeill visited our 4th Graders and read, "Grace Goes to Washington"

5th Grade

Mrs. Mosellie's class celebrating their achievement of being the schoolwide First In Math Team of the Week for the 5th time!
Our Top First In Math players were honored as part of a special Lunch Bunch. At the time of publication, our 5th Graders are currently the 9th ranked 5th Grade in the Nation in First in Math!

Related Arts

Before & After Artwork in Mrs. Lynn's Art class.

FHE Reading Specialists will use this section to cover WONDERful reading techniques, strategies, and suggestions for our families to use at home with children.

Reading Snapshot

4th Grade

This 4th grade writer practiced using different types of figurative language to create a poem about a turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!

5th Grade

5th grade students were busy investigating questions about nature! Mrs. Mosellie's class researched and illustrated life cycles of butterflies or frogs by describing events in sequence.

FHE Reads At Home

Mention @BASDFtHill on Twitter and use the hashtag #FHEreadsAtHome or print your picture out and bring it to Mrs. O'Donnell to get your picture on the bulletin board! Keep Reading at Home!

Fountain Hill Phil reading at home!

In this section of THE HILL, Mr. Drey and Mr. Dicicco will feature the awesome ways FHE students are learning, creating, and collaborating with the help of Technology.

Podcasts for Kids


Kids Listen is a group of people who love and make podcasts for kids. We have 28 member podcasts, representing the best podcasts for kids. Our goals are to raise awareness of podcasts for kids, build community, and set standards and best practices for the medium. Click on the picture to visit!

Friday FHE Morning News

Did you know that every Friday our Morning Announcements come via the FHE Friday Morning News Show starring 5th Grade hosts?

Mr. DiCicco and students use WeVideo and a Green Screen to create the Morning News episodes each week.

Click the button to check out the episodes:

Resources From Mr. Dicicco

Links For Keyboard Practice

Dance Mat Typing is a great resource for K-2 students to polish up your keyboarding skills!
Typing Club is a great resource for 3-5 students to polish up your keyboarding skills!
Mr. Dicicco and Mr. Drey

Hill Happenings.

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