Refugee Opinion by destiny .k

My opinion about the refugees coming to the United States is that we should look to history and what has worked for us in the past because we live in a country of many different cultures immigrating to the United States. Most of my relatives were immigrants except for my great great great grandma who was Native American.

10,000 Syrian refugees is a lot of people but in 1910, 484,000 immigrants entered the United States through Ellis Island so this isn’t a issue the United States hasn’t dealt with before especially since many of those people were Europeans trying to escape poverty and war by moving to the United States.

I read most people were able to go through Ellis Island right away but others it sometimes took weeks just to make sure everything was okay. Between 1900-1910 5,000-10,000 people passed through Ellis Island every day.

The immigration laws are there for a reason. They help keep us safe, healthy, our National soveignty, our culture, and our standards of living. I think people who want to live in the United States will do it the correct way and wait if they need to. We live in the best country in the world and our laws help keep it that way. It’s good we have already dealt with this before so we just need to follow the same process so we can help others

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