Puppy Love doggy duties

Getting a puppy is one of the happiest moments of a dog lovers life but, they come with many responsibilities.

First things first you have to potty train your puppy! Puppy training pads are a great way to start because they make for a much easier clean up.
After repeating what seems like a million times the word "potty," eventually your puppy will associate outside and doing their business.
Friends make play time a lot more fun so find your puppy a play date! Just make sure they like to share :)
Going on walks and to dog parks are easy ways to make friends for your puppy and good for exercise too.
Don't worry if you forgot a water bowl, they have doggy fountains for your thirsty baby.
BATH TIME! You may have to ease them in to baths but they are necessary after long days of playing and adventures.
Potty training, play dates, walks and baths really work up an appetite!
Clean fur, full belly and warm blankets call for naps, naps and more naps.
Always, always, always gives tons for hugs and kisses so your puppy knows you love them so so much!
Follow these basic puppy tips and you'll have a happy loyal companion for the rest of their life!
Created By
Raquel Westerman

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