machiavelli, smart, evil, or both?

Machiavelli is showing how he would run a kingdom in his book "The Prince". Good leader: Machiavelli thinks that running a kingdom is about giving the people just enough not to rebel, but no more. Bad leader: according to the prince a bad leader will mess with the people's women and/or taxes. if you do not do either of those things (especially as a new prince) you will be mostly secure with you're people.

not exactly friends but your ok with each other

machiavelli shows that keeping faith can be done with law or with force. Machiavelli says "since the first method is often ineffectual, it becomes necessary to resort to the second". Machiavelli says that resorting to force is almost always the way to go. Bad leader:a bad leader does not learn and enact both methods. if not done or not done properly then faith will surly be lost.

sometimes law and force get mixed up and the force comes out where law should be... it never ends well.

Machiavelli's position on alliances. Good leader: Machiavelli thinks that when it comes to alliances it is never a good idea to partner with a force stronger than your own. according to "The Prince" the stronger force ends up turning on you, or taking the spoils of war both of which leave you in ruins. Bad leader: a bad leader will team with the biggest guy around which will never end well for the smaller guy. having a strong teammate is understandably tempting due to the fact that it more than doubles the strength on your side, but as was said before you will end up in ruins.

don't be the mouse

all of these are the opinions of Machiavelli. i will on looking at how this reflects upon him as a person. first of all in my first point i talked about the people/prince relationship. Machiavellie's idea is based on necessity and not grace, this alone doesn't make him evil but it shows his lack of actual care for other human beings. in the next point i showed his preference toward force this shows his willingness to be brutal as apposed to less efficient and less brutal options. In my last point this really showed his negative outlook on the rest of humanity. Machiavelli believes that he rest of the world is just like him, without a spec of hope or grace. in conclusion is Machiavelli smart, evil, or both? i believe that there is reasoning behind all of machiavellie's claims but it does not pan out in all situations, which is why i believe Machiavelli is evil.

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