Human Trafficking By:michael Pattmon

Three Reasons why we should do something about this

Because these girls shouldn't be going through something like this. They should be home with there family and friends.

They shouldn't be threaten if they leave the person would kill their family. This should not be happening to them.

People should be saving these people from the others that's hurting them. They shouldn't have to sell their bodies for sex and to other people.

3 how we should help out with Human Trafficking

Stop Human Trafficking

These girls are being forced to do these things. The police needs to respond to these things when they see girls walking around with bruises they need to ask them what happened and the girls need to tell the police what happened with them. The girls won't have to worry about the person killing their family.

These are being held against their will they can't go anywhere unless they are told to go.

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