Uniquip dehRadun, india

With excited anticipation we gathered to begin this first-ever UniQuip and UofN graduation ceremony in North India. The desire was shared to see more strategic partnerships forming for the Gospel to penetrate even deeper into North India. We were inspired by this quote from Luis Bush:

"If the 10/40 Window defines the core of the unfinished task in world evangelization and the Joshua Project 2000 list of unreached peoples represents the core of the core, then the North India-Hindi Belt would be the core of the core of the core.."

Our opening worship time became a wonderful time of expressing our love and passion for Jesus, and then it turned into a war cry! Prophetic words were shared: “Don’t become comfortable with what we’ve done, rise up and take hold of more”; “Like Moses after encountering God at the burning bush, face your fears and know that He is with you”; “God, our Commander and Chief, is promoting privates to captains, captains to lieutenants and lieutenants to generals – get ready”, etc. The drums turned into a war cry and the response in worship was deafening and like a victory celebration.

Each participant was introduced and welcomed with a rose and a hug to honor them and let them know they are a vital part of the YWAM family. Lis Cochrane shared her early days of pioneering in Nepal and India and how small it was back in the early 1980’s. Last year South Asia trained 26,000 people! The U of N is a multiplier for missions through its schools. It’s a university of hope, of the heart and of the Spirit. Lis was asked to sit and pray to impart of spirit of pioneering to those who desired it. MANY came forward in response!

Revelation came as Mark Brokenshire shared the biblical foundations for education by showing us the difference between a Hebrew worldview of education and a Greek/Roman worldview. The Hebrews had an all-powerful God who had already revealed Truth to them – their model of education was applying God’s truth to all of life. God is at the heart of each subject studied.

The Greeks “discovered” truth through discussion and argument and the strongest argument won. It was more about head knowledge and powers of persuasion.

Matthew 28:18 - Our goal in the U of N is to “disciple” the nations, not “educate” the nations. Discipleship is inclusive; education is elitist and exclusive – Mark had a long list of the differences between discipleship and education which was very enlightening!

We have all been wounded to some degree with the education we have received in our different nations and systems – we have believed lies about ourselves, our capabilities, our value. Jiggu shared his story of how wounded he was through the school system and then we broke into pairs to share with one another what God was showing us. Some came forward and shared and we all had a time of repenting and receiving healing and new hope for the future.

Via Skype, Markus Steffan, the President of the U of N, shared how the U of N was created to serve us in our ministries. It is a “mission-embedded” university! It is the Jesus-style of education - living in a community and learning and then applying your learning in outreach and ministry, then returning to the community to learn some more, then apply it again in ministry. The disciples earned their B.A. in the 3 years they lived and learned with Jesus.

It is encouraged to adapt existing schools and create new schools to meet the needs of your ministries. This gives much room for creativity and innovation. We broke into base/area groups to discuss what God is saying to us and how can we apply what we’re learning to our ministries and training.

In the feedback time a teacher who had treated his students unkindly in the past came forward to repent and ask forgiveness. This became a time of prayer to break the chain of wounded people wounding others. Then it became a time of releasing those called to teach and for new schools to be launched.

We heard about the history and structure of the U of N and about the amazing way God brought Howard Malmstadt and Loren Cunningham together to start the U of N. This university was truly God’s idea!

The rest of the day was all about preparing the Graduation Ceremony, celebrating the graduates, and enjoying a Love Feast together. This was the first-ever U of N graduation ceremony in North India, with 8 people receiving AA degrees, 1 person an AS degree, and 1 person a BA degree!

The feedback from the graduation ceremony was very positive – “it was everyone’s graduation!”. One man who had worked 20 years in YWAM in a remote place was helped by leadership to see he had enough credits for an AA and found it unbelievable that he could take part in the graduation – such thankfulness! We heard many testimonies similar to this.

Steve Cochrane shared that during his time of studying for his doctorate degree he realized he was both a historian and a missionary – not one or the other, but both/and. This is also true in YWAM, we have ministry and training – they are never separate, they feed each other. The U of N is a tool to train people to do ministry. It’s both/and.

We ended the UniQuip with a large map of North India on the ground – people were encouraged to write their dreams and plans for multiplying training in different locations and we prayed over it prophetically. Everyone left with new hope and courage to continue training and releasing Kingdom builders into the region.

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