battle of honor deborah a. parks

  • The united states entered world war II when the Japanese bombed pearl harbor. Japan was the enemy. but what about Japanese Americans? Many people were worried. Which country would Japanese Americans fight for? Because of this fear, thousands of Japanese Americans were locked away in prison camps. Japanese-American soldiers joined the u.s. army to prove these people were wrong. They brought home more medals than any other group of soldiers in history. Find out how they battled for honor.

The book is about Daniel that he live in united stated when he has 17 years old the japan invaded american and bombed pearls harbor so he want to fight with american soldiers but he cant because he's family are from japan after that all Japanese american goes to a camp for they can no do nothing about it them he join to the war with other and win the war also i like when he help to the other need help is like to the real life cause everything that say in the book yes i recommended this book because is really fun i like because is about war so i'm in the army

on december 7, 1941, 17 year old daniel inouye was getting ready for church. at 8 am he turned on the radio. he heard the news that would change his life forever.

this is no a test the voice rang out pearl harbor is being bombed. i repeat this is no a test, dan yelled for his father. this was it, he thought. for two years, much of the world had been at war. germany, italy, and japan had been fighting against the western allies overseas.

dan's parents had born in japan. now, the us was at war. what would happen?the day after pearl harbor was attacked, the united states declared war on japan,it didn't take long for japanese americans to feel the effects. the us army stopped taking japanese-americans recruits. many army bases around the country separated the nisei from the other soldiers. the nisei were sent to camp robinson in arkansas. from there, the army decide what to do with them.

after that the army need them cause they DOESN'T have a lot of soldier so the army recruit japanese-americans to join in the army dan say that is my opportunity so he join and go to the war when he is in the fire line someone shoot in his stomach but dan kept fighting. a grenade blast hurt his right arm. so, he started shooting lett handed. finally a german bullet hit dan in the leg. he went rolling down the hill. some soldiers went after dan to help him. daniel inouye lost his right arm after the battle. them he went home a hero.

by: dayanira medrano


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