John Adams By: Tyler Osborn

Early Life/Childhood

Parents & Job’s

Mother - Susanna Boylston

Father - John Adams Sr.



Elihu Adams & Peter Adams


Wealthy Or Poor

They Were Not Poor But It Was A Comfortable Lifestyle or In Other Words They Were In The Middle


What Did His Parents Do?

Father- Farmed


How Was He Raised?

He was Raised A Farmer



Formal Education?

He Had A Formal Education


When And Where?

He Went To Harvard

He Went To College At Age 15 or 1751


What Study?

He Wanted To Be A Farmer Like His Dad


He Was A Schoolteacher, Lawyer, Diplomat, Vice President Under Washington


John Adams Was President From 1797-1801


With incumbent President George Washington having refused a third term in office, incumbent Vice President John Adams from Massachusetts became a candidate for the presidency on the Federalist Party ticket with former Governor Thomas Pinckney of South Carolina as the next most popular Federalist


John Adams Was A Leader In The American Revolution So People Thought That It Was Good That He Was President Then Thomas Jefferson Defeated Him

Fun Facts

Thomas Jefferson Was A Great Pen Pal

He Was The First President To Live In The White House

John Adams Died On The Exact Same Day As Thomas Jefferson

Created By
Tyler Osborn

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