Life Cycle of a Beetle by: Jameson Nguyen

This is Larva. Larva is the first stage. It can move slowly. It is probably 3-4 cm. Larva is like a bright tan. It barely moves. Well that is the 1st stage.

This is meal worms. Meal worms are faster now. Meal worms have tiny legs. It eats oatmeal. Eats apples too.It is still bright tan. There goes the 2nd stage

This is beetles. Beetles lay hundreds of eggs. There are lots of species of beetles. When it is a adult beetle it is a darling beetle. By the way not all beetles have this life cycle. They often get eaten by rodents,spiders,birds,lizards and some other beetles


Created with images by Fyn Kynd Photography - "beetle" • Mick E. Talbot - "Larva" • velacreations - "SANY7320" • tanakawho - "A green beetle"

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