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We are the Brain Inflammation Group at the University of Manchester, welcome to our activity page! We are a group of scientists investigating brain biology and inflammation, trying to understand diseases of the brain and how they can be treated.

Have you ever wondered what happens when things go wrong in the brain, when someone has a stroke or gets dementia?

That’s what we study – down to understanding how the cells in the brain are talking to each other, and importantly how we can fix it! Every tiny discovery adds up, and over several years we have learned so much that our group has even developed drugs that might eventually help people suffering from these diseases! There’s over 30 of us all working together on these huge problems, from researchers in our laboratories to doctors in hospitals and their patients too – perhaps you will join us in the future!

Take a scroll down our page, find out more about our research, and get involved in the activities!


Check out these super quick, really fun videos to learn about Stroke and Alzheimer's disease. They are both diseases of the brain, and in our laboratories we are working hard to understand them more, and to find new treatments to help the large number of people who suffer from these diseases every day.

After each video there are a couple of questions to get you thinking, all the answers can be found in the videos


Play the video below to follow Sarah through the steps of making a slime blood clot!

Sarah will teach you all about what a stroke is, stroke risk factors and what our research is doing to try and help those affected by stroke.


Blood Vessels and Brain Cells Board Game

Try this adapted Snakes and Ladder game to explore the events happening after a stroke and the therapies we are researching! The game is a timeline of events that can take unexpected turns, go down following blood cells due to more damage developing over time in the brain, or advance in the game following a brain cell (neuron) as medicines and therapies help the brain repair itself.

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If you land on a purple microscope, draw a research card (like the ones below). These are therapies that we are researching at the moment and give you advantages in the game by bringing new medicines and hope for stroke patients.

  • IL-1Ra is a drug that limits the damage in the brain and helps recovery
  • Nanoparticles are small carriers that help deliver drugs to small, target areas in the brain
  • Stem cells are 'smart' cells that can be differentiated in other types of cells like neurons and help repair or replace the dead cells in the brain
  • Hydrogels are slimy (viscous) solutions that help deliver drugs and stem cells to damaged areas in the brain and slowly release them over time

Download and print the game for a better experience (dice and counters included!). Link for board game template here, Link for counters, cards and dice here. Made by C. Cunningham

All images were created with BioRender.com, or by C.Cunningham at www.sciencecat.co.uk/