Save the Red Panda By:Syisha S.


What is red, white, and brown that sleeps in cold weather and lives in a mountain? A red panda! First of all, A red panda has many sizes, and it will be revealed! The male red panda is 3.7-6kg. Female red pandas are about 3-6.0kg, and are 50-64cm long! When the baby red panda is born, it will weigh 3-4 ounces and 6 inches tall. They are really tiny! Secondly, let me show you their colorful body they have! These red pandas have red, brown, and white fur that protects them from predators by blending in brown trees. Also, they have big fluffy fur coats to keep them warm. Finally, you are gonna go through their interesting facts! This animal wraps themselves to keep their body warm in a very cold habitat! Similar, they also LICK themselves clean just like cats do. As you can see, the red panda can have a stripy appearance!


Do you know what it’s like in a red pandas habitat? You need to know! First, the location that is massive! If you wanna know, you’re about to know! The red pandas region is a beautiful forest. They live on the continent Asia! That’s the other side of the world! Well, the red pandas countries are Nepal and China. It's very good because they have forests and trees there. Second of all, I’m about to show you about the climate! Usually, this creature lives at a temperature of 25C! When it rains, the rain is about 55 inches. They also live on the foot of the tallest mountain in the world! Lastly, you’ll have to know where their home is, and where they sleep. The red pandas homes are most likely in stumps, hollow trees, or rock cervices! They sleep on strong tree branches that can hold them from their weight. Clearly, the red pandas have an impressive habitat!

Mount Everest (No Trees)


Red pandas food is sure yum to them! When you MIGHT eat the same thing! First of all, the food is very important to them, you’ll find out what it is! Basically, they would be omnivores. It’s very meaty and plant interesting! These red pandas eat small animals, bamboo leaves, SMALL BIRDS that they can reach. Eggs, and berries. Those red pandas actually eat about 20,000 bamboo leaves a day! Wow! Secondly, they find food in interesting ways. One example of how they get their food is by stripping bamboo leaves with their very powerful mouth. They drink in a funny way too. Red Panda’s dip its paws in water and lick its paws just like licking honey of of its paws. Finally, red panda’s have lots of predators. Predators of the red pandas are small carnivores and bird of prey (big birds). The main, or dangerous predators, are the snow leopard or the marten. The marten is a big weasel, if you didn’t know. I’m sure you hope they don’t get eaten too much! It’s clear that red pandas have plenty of food.

why is it endangered?

Would you save the red panda or not? There are only 3,000 left. That population is not much. First, this animal is practically losing their habitat. Humans are using their habitat to make homes for people. They are also using the red panda’s homes for firewood and for creating farmland. Secondly, many are also killed by humans. Their fur is soft so they animals are getting poached. Poaching is illegal hunting if you didn’t know. Lastly, some people are putting traps! A trapping reason why they do is for deforestation. Sometimes, they get so adorable that people are trapping them to get them, which is illegal! Clearly, there are some reasons why the red panda population is going down. We need to save them.

how we can help?

Have you ever wondered what we could do to save the red panda? These are the things we could do! First of all, if you are wondering what we can do for their homes! People are cutting the red pandas homes! You can help with that by planting more trees if you live somewhere in Asia. We should make tree cutters to cut somewhere else. Secondly, poachers are dangerous to the red pandas, but we know how to stop them! Seeing a red panda hurt in a tree or your home take them to the Red Panda Network! Stopping poachers when you see them is standing up to the red pandas so they can stay safe. Lastly, you can make protective laws. Laws can be useful because sometimes, you can make laws. Also… you can tell the red panda law creators to make poachers listen more and to stop killing! Clearly, we can save the red panda if we try.


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