Gradually Releasing Responsibility Persuasive Writing

Julie Moeller and Fallon Farokhi created the 5 step IMSCI for persuasive writing.

They tested a theory that teaching writing in genres such as persuasive writing, research papers, etc. and scaffolding that instruciton would help students in their wrtiing.

The 5 Steps to IMSCI

1. Inquiry- Students and teacher work together and discuss different writing persuasive writing pieces.

In this stage the teacher will show the students good and bad examples of persuasive writing. She will show them what to look for and will show them the elements of persuasive writing.

2. Modeling- In this stage the teacher will choose an article and show the students how she reads the article, and then show the students how she brain storms ideas for her own persuasive writing piece. The teacher could also bring in an example of her own writing to share

3. Shared Writing- Here the studnets learn to organize their thoughts in opinions on an article or topic into a graphic organizer. The teacher will show the students multiple graphic organizers and will model how to use the organizers to brainstorm and organize their ideas

4. Collaborative Writing- Here students work in small groups to analyze and organize an topic or article together. This is where they can work out any problems they may be having with understanding the process. the teacher will walk around and scaffold and answer questions as needed.

5. The final stage is when the students choose their own topics and create their own writing pieces.

Here is an example of a graphic organizer to use

In their examination of the success of this method they found that students were able to model exactly as the teacher showed them in all the stages and that students writing was improved dramatically

Discussion Questions:

What are some ways you think that you could make this method even more successful for students? Why would that improve it?

Is there anything else you think you could use this method for? What else could you use it for and how?

Do you see any flaws in this method? If so what flaw do you see and how would you change it?


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