A day with Dayton's smart-mouth columnist & reporter: Amelia Robinson BY: Ellesse Rodriguez

Dayton's very own smart-mouthed blogger, columnist and reporter who loves the phrase "Treat yo self" spends her days sharing with Daytonians all of the exciting events to look forward to during their week, catching Dayton shout-outs on shows like Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show and more, and filling citizens in on delicious new restaurants to try.

What seems to be like a quiet, slow and steady day at the office is actually unpredicatble, sometimes stressful and constantly changing.

Amelia's works are featured on Cox Media Group Ohio's newest website Dayton.com where she is part of the core team that helped get the entertainment guide booming in an innovative and outstanding way. Her editors stand by and count the many times she tries to incorporate the word "ass" into any headline. With nearly 14,000 daily visitors this journalist keeps on her toes and changes with the world in order to successfully engage with her audience.

Amelia enjoys engaging with her followers on social media in between writing stories.

From what used to be typewriters, printing presses, paper routes, news boys and only the sound of the radio, Cox Media Group Ohio has grown into a digital mainstream newsource that can be found nearly anywhere in the world.

This is what it takes to lead the competition a team... and a lot of computers.

Dayton.com's success over the last two years has been a gradual process that included many obstacles. From having to get through finding the audience, designing the layout, trying tons of food from the newest local restaurants (some that gives Amelia the meat-sweats), to figuring out why people are liking/unliking the Facebook page or downloading/uninstalling the app, she's seen it all and knows exactly what it takes to keep her readers, reading.

It's time to go. Sitting at the office all day isn't going to get you the results you're looking for. The city is outside and that's where the news is.

We've set out to preview an event for the week of St. Patrick's Day at the Historic Oregon District. Reader's are interested in what's going on this week so it's very importatnt that this team gets all of the action.

Today's mission: Facebook live-stream at Corner Kitchen for the preview of a week-long Irish dinner celebration featuring corn-beef, potatoes, cabbage, soda bread and lots of butter.

Corner Kitchen, location of the Facebook live-stream. | 613 E. Fifth St. Dayton, OH

As I wait on Amelia outside of this gorgeous corner restaurant, I admire the structure and where it sits in the Historic Oregon District.

Amelia prepares a catchy headline for the live-stream that's about to happen. Of course she brought her selfie-stick.

It's all about being creative and unique. Get to know who you're speaking to, know exactly what you're going to talk about before you talk about it and go with the flow. Seems easy enough, right? What I didn't know was that this was actually my training session for my own Facebook live-stream event a few days following - thankfully Amelia taught me all I needed to know.

Restaurant co-owners, Jack and Natalie answer questions and hold a conversation about what exactly is going on this week.

Getting the information correct is a MUST for any story. Whether it's entertainment or hard news, Cox Media Group strives to keep an unbiased and fully informed platform. Letting the co-owners in this case allows Amelia to ensure that her followers are getting the time, date, costs and additional information right.

Over the shoulder answering questions.

What's a promo without a sneak peak? Hardly anything!

Jack is getting ready to make an Irish corn-beef sandwich live on Facebook sure to get mouths watering.

Amelia gets close and personal with the grill.

The smell in the kitchen was enough to make anyone hungry. But this sandwich was to die for. Amelia was able to get footage of the cheeses melting over the corn-beef and the sounds butter cooking into the bread as it toasts.

Yes, she made me take a bite in front of 2,000+ live viewers.

One of the perks of this job is of course getting to preview the tasty meals coming to the area. Another perk is getting to experience new creations everyday whether it's art, food, drinks or a new way to engage with your audience.

One of the most important aspects of this job is that it is ever-changing and news never sleeps.

Ran across the street for a quick selfie in front of the Dublin Pub's St. Patrick's Day party tent. Why? Because there's a huge event this weekend, Friday, March 17-18 and Amelia knew people would be interested in knowing how it was being prepped.

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