Florida Museum of Natural History by natalia Martinez parra

The Florida Museum of Natural History is a great way of connecting to the nature world and truly having insight on different animals and insects that make the Earth the way it is. It gives the opportunity to explore ancient species, just as modern species and seeing changes in the environment. It is an amazing experience that can be
Nature on Display: I think that the museum did a great job when it comes to choosing fun and memorable ways for the visitors to learn about animals, insects and just nature in general. For example, they would display real butterflies or bats just like it looks on the picture, and then include unique information about the animals and insects on display. The display that caught my attention the most was the one about sea animals. The room was all blue with sounds of the ocean and the animals were enlarged in size, making the exhibition fun and unique. It captured my attention because I've always been intrigued by the ocean and all the animals in it. I learned that even though animals can be small, their impact on the environment can be huge. The overall experience was enjoyable because the museum is not a regular museum. It actually looks for unique ways of exposing nature.
Nature and Ethics: I think that the museum also did a good job at making visitors respect and really appreciate the animals. When inside the exhibitions, you feel like you're part of it, not the "conqueror" of the rest of the animals. As I went through the museum, I felt part of the world, I thought about how us humans tend to think we are entitled to the world, but in reality we are just one more species of nature. My friends also felt the same way and they were fascinated by most of the exhibitions. One way the museum contributes to that connection between human and nature is the butterfly exhibition, in which you can walk among the butterflies and really appreciate their beauty up-close. I do support what Leopold says about humans being part of the nature instead of being the conquerors of it. After all, the world it our home and the home of millions of more animals.
Nature and the Human Spirit: the museum helps us disconnect a little bit from the urban life full of people, cars, buildings, etc. It allows us for a little while to enter a world of nature, in which there is displays about different animals, insects, and other species. Being there, it makes you feel little and part of nature rather than a human that drives cars and lives a urban life. It makes you feel part of a bigger thing, which is nature, and ultimately the world. Being so up close to the animals and truly seeing how everything works makes you appreciate the majesty and the mystery that the world truly has.

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