Guatemala A Mayan country

Tikal is a collection of giant Mayan ruins in the hot tropical Guatemalan lowlands.

The city was abandoned, possibly due to ecological collapse, and lost in the impenetrable jungle for hundreds of years.

The jungle is home to birds like the Toucan.

There are more pyramids at Tikal than the other Mayan sites we visited.

This tiny spanish fort protected the city of Flores. It was captured by pirates.

The fort protected Rio Dulce.

We briefly crossed into Honduras to see the Mayan ruins at Copan. They are not as massive as Tikal but are distingished by the high quality stone carvings. Honduras would be interesting to visit but unfortunately has a very high crime rate.

This represents a bat. The museum at Copan is very well designed.

A temple carving preserved in the museum.

The scarlet mackaws were extirpated from Honduras because of the demand for pet birds and were hunted for food. We visited a rehabilitation centre which seeks to breed the birds for release into the wild. Some of the birds, such as the one's on Susan's arms are too used to being taken care of to be released. The birds can live 80 - 90 years.

The highland Guatemalan city of Antigua was once the capital of all Central America. The city was destroyed by a massive earthquake. The city is full of ruined cathedrals which were never rebuilt. It is now a tourist destination. It is a major tourist destination with excellent Spanish language schools. Three volcanos surround the city. One volcano, Fuego, was undergoing a mild erruption.

A street in Antigua.

Susan drinking local cocoa.

Mayan women & their wares.

Music in Antigua.

Sunday tourist market.

Lake Atitlan is a spectacularly gorgeous giant water filled crater.

Banana seller in San Pedro de la Laguna on Lake Atitlan. The beautifil village is full of tourists. They are an eclectic mixture of New Age adepts, escaping boomers and vacationing loud talking Trump supporters. The New Age types have Tarot readings, sessions to discover your past life and other such nonsense. Trump supporters drink beer and exclaim that Mexico will pay for the Wall or Trump will crush it with his little finger. Rather an odd mix in a location which is stunningly beautiful in the lee of a volcano. Let's hope it does not errupt.

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