Urania By: Marcus Zaragoza


  • Type of government- A dictatorship
  • Leaders- Ruled over by 4 brothers with unlimited power and control
  • Rule over the people unfairly and control what they can do, say, and how they live life.
Outline of the Country
The flag (each hand represent one of the 4 brothers)


  • Most of the people are poor (about 90%) and the other is rich (10%)
  • Has an unfair economy that is based off of social status
  • Isn't much room for moving up the economic ladder.
  • Basically all of the poor population work terrible factory jobs and the others make food and such.
Type of currency used
Building where the 4 brothers rule


  • Religion- None
  • The people of this country are not allowed to follow any religion or anything similar to having beliefs of there own.
  • People known of doing as such are put to immediate execution in front of there peers
  • Anything that isn't permitted by the four brothers is law for execution.
The executioner
Another form of execution

Social Structure

  • Sitting at the very top of the social ladder are the 4 brothers, which hold all the power and set the rules.
  • Below them are there military force and helpers, which help to enforce the rules and put fear into the people.
  • At the very bottom are the everyday people, they are ruled over and have little say.
  • This ladder has very little room for progression, unless proven useful.
The eldest brother
The military force

Art and entertainment

  • Not much can be done for entertainment in this society
  • There are restaurants and museums that be visited by the public.
  • The rich have lavish things such as arcades, sports, and technology.
  • Sometimes the 4 brothers host public parties for certain members of the public.
An old museum
A bar for the public

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