Innovations in Science By: Carmine Nicolucci

What You Do In Innovations In Science

My major innovations of science. We learn about Science ,Technology, Engineering and Math. We learn how to do labs and work together. We have to learn the skills to problem solve and learn about Science. We have to follow the rules of the assessment and solution.

To do labs we have to participate in activities and behave to do fun stuff. We have to follow the rules of the lab and skills. Before lab we have to gather the materials for the lab. After we are done the lab we have to clean up our materials. If we clean up in time we have the rest of period to ourselves . During free time we can do what ever we want. We do this until the bell rings .

All of the stuff we do is labs. Labs can be fun sometimes and boring because the way it works . These activities will help you get your grade up. Also it will help you pass the class. By listening to the teacher and following the rules you will be a good student. This will help you so much if you participate.

Things You Do Before Class

Before every class we line up in the hallway and wait for the teacher. If we are good we can get fifteen minutes of snack. After the teacher comes out we can leave our book bags outside in the hallway and walk into the classroom. Next we start snack and we are aloud to go on our ipads and watch YouTube. After snack our teacher takes attendance and tells us what our plan is today and what we are doing.

Snack Time

After she is done explaining what we are doing , we will start our activities. She will tell us if we are going to work in groups or we are not. Next we will pick groups and we will start our lab. Next , we will complete the lab by the end of the class . Finally, we will turn it in at the end of class.

To make your paper good first you have to read the directions . Next you make your hypothesis and explain why. After that you will gather your materials. Next , start your lab or activity. After that you check and see if you have completed your work. Finally clean up and turn you completed work in before leaving class.

Things we learn about in Stem

Pseudoscience and Science are two different things. Pseudoscience tells fake science. Also it tells false information and facts. Real Science states true facts and information. The two still tells Science but in different ways. They will still help you if you are having trouble.

Science and math are different from each other but you can use math in science and sometimes science helps you in math. Math tells you multiplication, subtracting, addition, and division. In Science you learn about astronomy, problem solving, technology, math, and engineering. These two subjects will help you get good work and pass your class.

Theory's and Hypothesis are different from each other because a theory is a set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena and hypothesis is educated guess. These two are very important to science. They are both terms in Science and they will help you with your problem. They are different because one is a educated guess and a theory is a set of statements. The two terms are words that will help you with your packet in your science class.

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