Abla Verble Capturing emotions upstream

Welcome to My Creative World

I've always been an artist at the heart of hearts of all my creations. I began to draw and paint before I learned how to read and write. Then, when I mastered the power of words in addition to colors, forms, light and shadows, poetry and painting became my chosen form of creative communication.

Visual Poetry

My creative digital artworks are visual poetry and stories telling. I'm often asked what inspires me. I can't think of one thing. Life; all of life inspires me. The poem writes the poem and the painting paints the painting. The fleeting moments that forge my heart, mind and soul through the fires of self-discovery awaken the creative giant inside of me. Through their pains, joy and insights, I find myself speaking my native tongue.

The Storm

Once upon a time, my life was engulfed by a storm that unanchored my faith in much of what I then believed in. I could feel the invisible forces tearing apart the threads that held my strengths together. Suddenly I saw the steel cold face of cruelty merciless uprooting my foundations and throwing them into what, at that moment in time, seemed as endless chaos. The fury from within and without was so intense that I couldn't express but in that collage of a life thrown into running rivers of pain.

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Abla Verble

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