Peeta Mellark The hunger games

The quote I chose is "some people are worth melting for." I chose this quote because it shows his love for Katniss.

The song I chose is "I'm a survivor" by Destiny's Child. I chose this song because it shows how he has hope to make it out of the hunger games.

Hello, I'm Peeta Mellark you probably know me as the baker's son. I live in district twelve if you didn't know that already. I'm really good at a lot of things except lifting flour bags and frosting cakes. I am a tribute in the 74th Hunger Games, I know I'm a pretty big deal. Sadly I'm not the star of the show because that of course is the beautiful Katniss Everdeen. The one girl I'm in love with! Back home in my district I have a father, mother ,and brothers. I'm not sure they even love me, because not one of my brothers volunteered as tribute for me! Katniss’ name did not get drawn but her sister’s name did. I was so relieved when Katniss volunteered, because I don't know how far I'd get if I was with Prim, her little sister. People have more faith in Katniss winning then they do in me. If we're being honest I have more faith in her winning. That's pretty much me, boring, sad, and useless.

When Peeta saves Katniss:

I was running and screaming to Katniss. I shove her away from me hard. “Run!” I scream “run!” I watch Katniss stumbled through the woods. Behind me, Cato slashes right through the bush behind me. Cato is soaked in badly stung. Now I am scared because he looks furious with me. Is this the end for me? Should I run now? No, I can't because just as I am about to turn and run Cato slashes my thigh with his sword. I screamed hoping Katniss would come back but she didn't. I drop to the ground and watch the Careers run by me. I knew where they were going. They were going after Katniss and there was nothing I could do.

My interests and favorites in Peeta are:



-good baker


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Suzanne Collins


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