Industrial Era Chrishea Massey

The Industrial Revolution happened between the 18th and 19th century in England. During this era machinery and factories had an huge impact on most people. The Industrial Revolution had increased manufactured goods, but came with harsh employment and poor living conditions for the poor working class.

Social Classes

The society was divided into three classes. The upper class, middle class, and working class. The upper class included jobs such as Aristocrats, Nobles, Dukes, and other wealthy families that worked in the Victorian courts. The middle class was successful, and the industrial revolution had brought many job opportunities to earn a decent income. The working class was the worst affected class. Lack of money resulted in a low food supply. For some working families, since there were barely any money they required their children to work in order to bring home some extra home to survive.


There were women married or single working in factories to gain income. They would find jobs in mostly domestic services, textile factories, piece work shops, and coal mines. It was tough being a woman in the working class. They had the responsibility to work long hours and they still had to maintain their household.

Working Rules

There were strict rules for the workers. There were also overseer would watch over the workers throughout the day. The rules were strict about being on time, leaving early, and obeying the overseer or official. It was consequences for those who did not follow the rule. They would be fired, fined, or sometimes taken to court. Some rules such as being on time for your job is still very important today.


The Industrial Revolution had spread from continental countries in Europe to the United States during the 19th century. The population of the U.S. had increased more than Great Britain, the country is also larger too. They had borrowed from Great Britain to accomplish machinery. The U.S. had transportation such as railroads and steamboats. By 1860 the United States was close to being a industrial nation.


Children would start working as young as 6 years old to gain more income for their family. They would work in poor condition for up to 19 hours with little pay. They used children to fit into areas the adults couldn't and was payed less. Some children were injured or killed because of the large, heavy, and dangerous equipment they would using or working near. The owners didn't treat the children very well. They had one hour breaks during their long shifts.

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