The Power of Protein And its influence

A friend called me a little while ago, and asked, what is the best time to Eat a protein shake? Before or after, both?( As it states in every magazine on the racks.. done by marketing agents, not trainers mind you.. )To not discourage the client on his fifty dollar(plus) purchase. I said, Best to consume after his workout. He replied back, I'm starving what should I add to it?

I could no longer hold back the facts. Quickly, I said.


Knowing this was going to be explored further He felt defeated as to the reasoning., and what is the alternative solution. After all, I can't survive on only a whey shake. I can't fathom this is the only thing I can have. He stated.

I now stood on my Soapbox and began my Proclamation .

Protein shakes are not a good choice, if calories and energy are being managed for weight loss. As I could tell the hearacy I stated, was hard for him to digest, I continued. Eat whole food. You will not benefit from the amount of money spent or limited amount consumed.. in other words how will your body grow if this is a meal, and your hungry? If it's not satisfied it will not grow. The biology of growth doesn't work that way. The brain, cells, intestines and heart are first on the bodies list to use consumed macros.. it doesn't give a fuck about your quad sweep, if you filled your stomach with a half a cup of processed sugar laced powder.

( You hear that? There go the endorsements from supplement conpanies)

How long has Protein powder been around? A little over 50plus years. I can assure you, some of the greatest badasses ever to walk the earth, never worried about becoming Catabolic.. Due to lack of not having a Birthday Cake Flavored Protein Shake.

So my solution to this person was simple. Eat 3 eggs and a half a cup of peas (or green veggies )after you trip to the gym. You will be satisfied for hours on end, and it cost you: less than 2 dollars. Your body has been processing eggs and green vegetables since we first walked the earth.. Ya, but Mr. and Mr. Ripped are drinking..( uh..No.) To keep myself from getting banished like Martin Luther out of the Catholic Church, I'm going to not indulge in that part of it. Since I use the same methods to get ready and will not be accused of being a hypocrite.

Day 1 of 3 days no water

I would rather a company tell me. Use this whey protein or bar as a great sweet dessert. Then the whey( pun intended) its perceived to the consumer. I consider it false advertising, along with the ten minute Abs routine you see splashed on the front of an 8 dollar magazine to get you to buy it. As you are hurrily checking out at the grocery store.

Another marketing strategy influencing the fitness world ..

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