Redwoods & Rocky Coastlines Tom Bol Photo Workshops - 2018 Trip Report

Redwoods National Park is our favorite forest in the world. We took 12 photographers with us to explore the area in July. This is when sunlight is most likely to pierce through the fog, creating magical beams of light. Here are a few highlights of our 2018 Redwoods & Rocky Coastlines Photo Workshop....

The weather was perfect for our group.....temperatures in the 60s all day long. We hiked through the forest photographing some of the largest and smallest organisms on earth.

Stuart in awe in the redwoods photographed with a tilt shift lens
Melissa using a gelled speed light on tree roots in Jedediah Smith State Park
Banana slugs and snails were popular macro subjects

The Coastal Redwoods shoot is a great workshop for both beginners and experienced shooters. I could not think of a better way to spend 5 days than being surrounded by beautiful nature and learning new techniques and/or reinforcing old skills not used every day—exposure bracketing, multiple exposure, macro, reflectors and tilt shift to name a few. To top it all off there was plenty of opportunity to become at least "friendly" with my tripod. Another excellent adventure!

Sue Wolfe - workshop participant

Sue working with Tom at Lagoon Creek in Redwoods National Park
Sandy using a sand dollar to complete the scene

Working on multiple exposure images of the surf....to blur the water without an ND filter

Suzy and Sue shooting multi-hued starfish near Crescent City
Diane working on macro images in the redwood forest
Columbia Tiger Lily

Redwoods is truly a magical forest....home to the tallest trees in the world. Photographers are inspired in new creative ways down every inviting trail.....Tom Bol

Our photographers.....2018 Redwoods & Rocky Coastlines

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