The Holocaust Elijah Mchugh

11 million people died and 6 million where Jewish people they've died from gas chambers and deadly camps

This is a gas chamber, these are only one of the many gas chambers nazis used to kill innocent Jewish people.

It's been 70 years since hitler was in rule, since 11 million people got murdered by hitler and people under his rule. 90% of the people who died from that horrific time where Jewish people, some where burned in gas chambers and crematorium. Or you will become a slave and go to very dangerous deadly camps. 6 million of the people that died when Jews.

Nazi flag, was there 5,000 years before Hitler came into rule. The word swatstika means "good fortune".

WHO: Adolf hitler, nazis, Jewish people. The New York Times

WHAT: Adolf Hitler killed 1.1 million people and 90% of the deaths where Jewish people
A picture of Jewish people getting taking out of there homes and thrown into these deadly camps and must wear those striped uniforms.
This all happen in Jan. 30, 1933 when Hitler became dictator and ended on May 8, 1945 because of Adolf Hitler's suicicde.
This all happened because of Adolf Hitler's rule, he thought the Jewish people where flaws that they didn't deserve to live in his country nor live at all. And he blamed the, for there economic crisis and was Germany's main problem and enemy

One Jewish person said that they have to use so much perfume so people can't smell the smell from the camps

The holocaust is on of the most terrible and scariest times and a lot of people are very fortunate to be alive. Adolf Hitler's killed him self before there defeat in WW2. A lot of Jewish people who survived that still are scared of what happened

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