July Parent Newsletter July 2020

Hello Parents!

We have officially been back at YTH for an entire month and we are just getting started! We have been seeing the Lord move in miraculous ways since our doors have opened and we know there are even greater things ahead! We want you to know that we are still keeping your student's safety as a top priority and are continuing to be aware of how to honor our church and State with restrictions. In case you missed it last month, here is our relaunch protocol.

July Series: "Revival Nights"

"Revival" is a reawakening of something or someone coming back to life. Revival starts with us and starts in us, first. As our hearts are revived, we believe a wave of revival can begin through the lives of YTH to impact the community and world around us for Jesus Christ. This is what we are believing for and learning about this month. We are intentionally weaving in a "camp feel" this month to help fill the gap students may feel this year without the typical camp experience. We will use camp style messages, COVID-19 appropriate games and a little healthy competition! Your student will hear more from their Youth Pastor about how they can participate in winning points for their grade! We are so expectant for what God is going to do in every heart and beyond!

YTH Service Plan: What Is To Be Expected?

We will be aligning with our State and church's guidelines as we move forward with in-person YTH services! Any space utilized indoors or outside will maintainĀ 250 person capacity per space. We will be setting up socially distant spaces for students and will be eliminating cafe and providing food and drinks at this time. We will be moving to digital tools for any check-in procedures.

Our YTH service flow will remain the same while maintaining the State and church's guidelines as well. We will have leaders welcoming students into the auditorium around the room instead of through a tunnel and we will be allowing more time for students to come in and find a spot.

Our YTH leaders will be trained and prepared to engage in meaningful conversations with your student while maintaining health guidelines.


As we transition back into YTH in person, we are intentionally starting to phase out of YTH Online. Starting in July, students who cannot attend YTH in person can watch a recorded sermon on our YouTube channel. These sermons will be posted online Thursdays instead of Wednesday nights. We are encouraging YTH leaders to connect with those students outside of a Wednesday night. If you need help getting your student connected, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Campus YTH Pastor. (See contact information below).

SERVE DAY - July 11, 2020

SERVE Day is a national campaign bringing together hundreds of churches from across the nation (and world) to serve on the same day. This is an opportunity for the Church to not only tell people in our communities about the love of Jesus, but to show them His love through acts of service and partnerships with local ministries, churches, and organizations.

There is a project for everyone no matter your age, skill level, or schedule. Morning serving opportunities are available at every campus. Additionally, City Campus has serving shifts in the late afternoon and evening.

Due to the demand in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul areas affected by this season of unrest and uncertainty, we've made significant volunteer commitments to partner with organizations in these areas and encourage you to look at the opportunities with City Campus in addition to the projects at your campus.

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