Apple iPhone improved society

Apple iPhone

Steve Jobs the founder of Apple Inc created the first generation iPhone on June 29, 2007 that included a multi-touch screen, and a virtual keyboard. Since then, Apple released the newest iPhone 7 with a sensor-driven disk, finger print touch ID protection, adapters, 3D touch, lock camera lens, and much more.

Apple iPhone Timeline

Society Improvements

Apple's iPhone has made drastic improvement on today's society. Everything is much easier and smoother to navigate. The IOS keyboard have a trackpad to allow student to take notes in class. It's a great way to conduct research 24/7 with several browsers offered on the mobile device. iPhone web apps are used to enhance education with flashcard programs, and eBooks. There are over 500 applications through the App Store in the education category. It's a great way to stay connected with, family, friends, and school work. Instead of students walking around with heavy textbooks to class, they can carry their lightweight iPhone that offers the same information in your eBook. It's the most innovative way to amplify students educational skills that's convenient to their daily lives.


As much as the iPhone is a mobile phone, it's just as much a computer. It created a way to access internet, and e-mails any time, anywhere with ease. Students benefit from using the Photomath app to guide them through algebra homework problems while they are not in school. The app is quite simple to follow, you snap a photo of the question presented and the app will break down the solution into steps that will help the students. Other apps such as GradeProof is a personal editor for students who need help proof read papers, and improve their writing.

Some problems that this technology might face are technical glitches that might happen when the applications are running. Another is iPhone's battery life will get drained while running these application software's. Some iPhone's might not charge due to technical malfunctions overtime. Some apps might run slower if the WiFi connection is low or doesn't have any at all. Overall this device is beneficial to the educational process for students continuing their education. It's a bonus to stay connect with your friends,and family using this spectacular device.

By: Monique Toyloy | ALS3203 Assignment 10

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