Hot Jobs What occupations have the biggest mismatch between job seekers and jobs available in the Cincinnati area?

The Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati used Emsi data to compare the number of annual job openings to the number of unemployed people in more than 20 Standard Occupation Classifications as of July, 2018. Below are the occupations that have at least three times more jobs available than job seekers. The list does not include SOC occupations with less than 1,000 annual job openings in the Tri-State.

Protective Service Occupations include police, firefighters and security guards.

Annual job openings: 2,742

Unemployed workers looking: 369

Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations include cooks, waiters and bartenders

Annual job openings: 18,386

Unemployed workers looking: 2,740

Personal Care and Service Occupations include casino employees, child care worker and hair stylists

Annual jobs available: 5,158

Unemployed people looking: 836

Office and Administrative Support Occupations include bookkeepers, bank tellers and customer service reps

Annual job openings: 22,061

Unemployed people looking: 5,067

Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations include nurses, doctors and laboratory technicians.

Annual job openings: 4,786

Unemployed people looking: 1,206

Building Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations include janitors, maids and tree trimmers

Annual job openings: 4,538

Unemployed people looking: 1,147

Community and Social Service Occupations include counselors, therapists and social workers.

Annual job openings: 1,989

Unemployed people looking: 505

Sales and Related Occupations include retail workers, real estate brokers and travel agents.

Annual job openings: 15,485

Unemployed people looking: 4,176

Transportation and Material Moving Occupations include truck drivers, packers and flight attendants.

Annual job openings: 11,316

Unemployed people looking: 3,415

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