Art in the making By tori howard period 3

Rolling out a slab to begin my project, this clay is referred to as plastic clay.
After I rolled out a plastic slab, I formed it into a cylinder. I then dried the clay and it was leather hard clay.
I let my cylinder dry for a little while in the leather hard stage.
I formed the plastic slab into the different size cylinders and circles I was going to need, using templates.
I rolled out another slab in the plastic clay stage. After I rolled out the slab, I made two more items. One item being a soap dish, a hair tie organizer, and my cylinder. These items became bone dry overnight, and were ready to be fired.
After my items went into the kiln, they came out bisque. I them glazed my items with the color purple and orange.
I glazed all of my items with purple and orange. My bisque items are ready to be fired.
All of my items came out of the kiln, they were all glazed, which is glaze wear. My items all come out very well.


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