Columbus State

Colors are red, white and blue

I selected this school because it's close to my house and it's a great route to go money wise. Three reasons other people would consider going to this school is 1. Community college 2. Two year college 3. Money options are way better than other colleges. What interested me about this school is being able to go for two years then transferring. I was indecisive on where I wanted to go and Columbus state was my best option. I also didn't want to go far from home.

My school is located in Columbus. It would take 30min and 15 miles to get from my house to Columbus state.
Columbus State campus

Total enrollment: 8,440 Male: 40% Female: 60%. Columbus State is known for being a two year school. It is also known for a good variety of degree options. #993 of 1,647 best colleges in America. #366 of 639 top public universities in America. It offers more than 75% undergraduate and graduate degree programs housed in four colleges within the university. They have great art/music and theater. Columbus state offers men and women sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, softball, tennis, golf, and cross country. They also offer 10 club sports including paintball, wrestling, tackle football and more. Big town, urban area.

Columbus state does not provide dorms or on campus housing for students.

Students perspective- Question: Would you recommend going to Columbus state and why? Answer: Yes because it's a smooth transition into the college lifestyle. The campus is smaller than most, but it's easy to get around without being too overwhelmed. Question: How's the campus life? What's the "vibe"? Answer: It's nice, everyone there is nice. I really don't participate as much as I should so I mainly just go to class and go home, but you still get the vibe that you're welcomed and it's a place you feel comfortable. Question: Are the professors nice, and is there helpful resources there? Answer: Yes, a lot of them are really good with making sure you understand what's going on. And if that is still not enough, yes there are plenty of tutoring and outside resources available to help you.

Tuition fee: $3,808 Room and board: $0 Book fees: $1,442 Other expenses: $2,004 Grand total: $7,254

They have a huge cafeteria with a lot of food. There is also rec center and workout place.


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