Final Presentation By: Stephanie Jorge

Bringing the best to everyone we touch

-founded in NYC in 1946

-partnered with Saks Fifth Avenue 1948

-company went public 1995

-currently has a market cap $30.97 billion

Ratio Analysis

Current Ratio: 1.58

Quick Ratio: .99

Interest earned ratio: 22.78

Net Profit Margin: 9.90%

Earnings per share: 1.49

Restructuring programs: LBF, GTI

  • optimizing corporate functions
  • optimizing the supply chain
  • optimizing corporate and region market support structures
  • exiting underperforming businesses

Horizontal and Common Size Analysis

  • Net earnings has not increased (currently 9.95%)
  • Cash has decreased due to acquisitions
  • Current debt increased due to the issuance of senior notes
  • Goodwill has increased


Competitors: Procter and Gamble, Coty Inc.

Estee Lauder is more debt leveraged.

Higher Debt Leveraged

Higher current ratio

Lower inventory turnover

-The Future

Restructuring should help growth

Net profit supposed to grow at 4.47%


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