Miracle in the Making Project By Sheldon graham

Adam Taliaferro was a freshman cornerback playing for Penn State against Ohio State. The game in Colombus was a blowout win for Ohio State and Adam's coach just wanted to give him playing time. He tried to make a tackle and put his neck down breaking his 5th vertebrae on his neck and injuring his spinal cord.

Adam Taliaferro did not realize he was paralyzed and thought that his arm was broken. He was lucky he was injured near the Penn State bench because if had kept trying to move, he would have injured himself even more.

He was quickly rushed to the hospital and the nurse at first thought is was just spinal cord shock and would regain movement in a few hours. He was told by the doctors he would only have a 3% chance of ever walking again.

Adam defied all odds and 11 months later not only could he walk again, he led the team out onto the field for a home game in Happy Valley. He was a huge inspiration to people and players who were going through injuries and tough times.

Adam went around the country to talk to students at schools to tell his story of the injury. He also made a foundation that helped athletes cover the insurance not covered by the NCAA or the athletes college.

Adam's purpose may not have been to play football but to be an inspiration to the people around him.

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