May 2017

Volume 2, Number 5

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport—Steve McCurry

state of the union

Drema Swader

Every month we meticulously print and mat our images for presentation. After all the work, many times judges reject our photos. We are told they don't measure up, they need improvements, or perhaps they simply do not have the wow factor the judge wants to see. With the hours of effort to capture, process, print, and prepare the photos for presentation, sometimes the judge's words just feel harsh.

Although it is always difficult to hear, there is no better way to improve your photography than by getting input from an impartial judge experienced in photography. It might feel good to receive compliments and praise for your images, but praise will not make you a better photographer. It is important to hear the other side. The more we have our photos critiqued, the more we learn what works well in photos and what does not. It leads to the ability to look at our own work differently, and we begin to notice little details that can improve or enhance the image.

After a while, you get used to being critiqued. It doesn't sting quite so much. You will welcome a judge pointing out what they see as something wrong in your image, and what you could do to make it better. But always keep in mind that a judge's advice is simply their evaluation. Use what they say, but recognize in the end, it is purely their opinion. As you gain more experience with having your images judged, you will learn when to heed the judge's advice, and when it simply does not agree with your vision. And, if you do not agree with their advice, there will always be another judge the next month who might look at it differently.


Weekend Workshop news

Cantilever Heart by Jeff Booher

Darkroomers' annual Focus Stacking Workshop was a huge success--which means the Photographic Arts Building was packed to the gills. David King from San Diego City College was our instructor so he gave us a college level crash course on using Photoshop and a camera with a macro lens to produce super sharp, stunning images.

fun and laughter pollinated the photographic arts building at our April spectacular
The teachings of N. David King

Professor King demonstrated tools, technique and process of Focus Stacking but also gave us some creative input on best practices which included lighting.


program news



Eye of the storm

Lewis Surrey

Our presentation for May is world-renown weather photographer and storm chaser, Lewis Surrey. Lewis spends a great deal of time chasing severe storms in the Midwest and Arizona. He not only documents things like wall-clouds and tornadoes but he also frames a great deal of the carnage that comes with it by photographing the weather events surrounding the storms. Lewis also loves lightning.

Lewis' photography has been shown in galleries around the world from Los Angeles to Tokyo. His work has appeared in magazines, online publications, and has appeared on television.


Total eclipse

May is a three Wednesday meeting month for Dakroomers and for our Hat-trick we have Les and Mary Anderson bringing the lights down on the darkroom with their How to Photograph the Eclipse presentation.

Les and Mary Anderson, veterans of 15 solar eclipses, will demonstrate how to view and photograph the event safely. You will get a first-hand look at what equipment you will need, where to aim your camera, what safety precautions to take and how to process your photos. This presentation is geared to both those staying in San Diego, where the partial eclipse is about 65%, and those who choose to travel to totality for 100%.

Beware, after this presentation, you may decide to travel to totality


scacc news

For the first time since its inception, SCACC is going to be sending the best of all club images to the PSA Council's Challenge. Juring of images takes place May 6th and, if one of your images is selected to advance, you may be called upon to reformat your image to meet PSA guidelines.


SCACC has their bi-monthly meeting on Tuesday May 2nd at 7pm in the Photographic Arts Building. The meeting is open for anyone to attend.


In 1988, SCACC created the Fellowship of the SCACC--colloquially referred to as FSCACC. FSCACC became the barometer in which contributions to SCACC by its members were measured and a lot of folks competed to receive the coveted award. In its first year there were 16 Fellows who were recognized by SCACC but the numbers fell sharply to 7 the following year. The number of Fellows continued to decline until eventually they decided to stop handing out the award in 2000.

Over the years the Fellowship has gotten lost and forgotten. The awards and recognition bestowed upon those individuals were rendered meaningless. Until now. For the most part, the information was locked away in a binder that was unearthed by Les Anderson and, recently, it was transcribed to be made public on the SCACC website.




Interclub news

winner wonderland

Malayan Tiger by Richard Strobel

Congratulations to Richard Strobel whose Malayan Tiger image came in 2nd Place in the overall scoring for the Interclub End of Year competition and Drema Swader whose Hamnøy photo took 3rd Place. Their images will hang in the foyer gallery for all of 2017 along with Darkroomers' 2016 Best in Show Side View by David Poplawski and the other club bests for the year--including Nelson award winning image.

First Snow, Peyto Lake, Canada by Lin Craft (Fallbrook Club) the 2016 SCACC Image of the Year and Winner of the Nelson Award


The next interclub competition is on May 16th at 7:30pm



Pasha Turley

Pasha Turley earned her BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara and her Masters in Art from San Diego State University. After 28 years of full time teaching she was awarded professor emeritus standing from Southwestern College where she taught art, photography, and served as gallery director. Currently she is an adjunct artist-teacher for Master of Fine Arts students enrolled in Vermont College.

Her award winning artwork has been exhibited in over 150 exhibitions and appears in textbooks, magazines, and journals. Pasha is the recipient of numerous grants including a California Art council grant, Fulbright-Hays Grant, and a San Diego Foundation Grant. She has been listed in the World Who's Who of Women and Who's Who Among America's Teachers as well as the Cambridge Who’s Who. Often, she serves as a juror for exhibitions and has acted as an art consultant.

Pasha's other passions include travel and sailing and has owned three sailboats. She has raced or cruised the waters off the coast, not just locally to San Diego, but in Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. She has trekked the back country of Nepal, Brazil, and Peru; backpacked throughout South America; and lived in Mexico, Japan, and Europe.

Pasha is known as being an adventurer in both her art and in her life



where the west is fun

Featuring more than $25,000 in cash prizes and donated awards

Congratulations to the following Darkroomers whose images were selected to advance to Tier 2 in the San Diego County Fair's Exhibition of Photography.

  • Janie Anderson
  • Jeff Booher
  • Antonio Croft
  • Angie Crompton
  • Joan Everds
  • Joe Gains
  • Kelly McMakin
  • Michael Marcus
  • Mark Ogilvie
  • Cynthia Parnell
  • Rick Phillips
  • John Pryor
  • Osia Strasner
  • Drema Swader
  • Terri Thompson
  • Richard Van Gils
  • Kamala Vendatesh
Print Submission dates are Tuesday May 16th & Wednesday May 17th noon-7p

Exhibitors who advance to Tier 2 will receive exhibitor passes to skip the general admission line to get into the fair plus an invitation to the Artists Reception on Thursday June 1st at 6pm.


fairest of them all

Spring Escondido Renaissance Faire

Queen Elizabeth Gloriana, to the Shire of Escondido. She has come to pay us a visit, and invites you to come join with her! To pay homage to Her Majesty, the faire is filled with vendors of strange and fascinating wares, lively entertainers, and the encampments of the many Guilds who are visiting our beautiful village.

May 6 & 7 * 10A-6P * Felicita Park * $18


Axline Lecture

Catherine Opie

MCASD and SDMA invite you to the 17th annual Axline Lecture featuring internationally renowned photographer Catherine Opie.

Opie's work both documents and gives voice to America's communities and the landscapes they inhabit. Working between conceptual and documentary approaches to image making, Opie examines familiar genres—portraiture, landscape, and studio photography—with surprising uses of serial images, unexpected compositions, and the pursuit of radically different subject matter.

May 11 * 7P * Irwin M. Jacobs Qualcomm Hall * $10


Holi festival of colors

Color Me Surprised by Jeff Booher

Holi has long traditional links with several legends. According to one popular legend, the word Holi is derived from the demoness, Holika. She was the sister of Hiranya Kashipu (the name meaning love of gold and a soft bed), a demon king, who having defeated the gods, proclaimed his supremacy over everyone else in the Universe. Enraged over his son’s ardent devotion to Lord Vishnu, Hiranya Kashipu decides to punish him. He takes the help of his sister, Holika, who is immune to any damage from fire. Holika carries the small boy Prahlad into the fire but a divine intervention destroys her and saves Prahlad from getting burned. Thus Holi is celebrated to mark the burning of the evil Holika. Her effigy is consumed in the fire!

Holi is celebrated with special importance in the North of India. It solemnizes the love of Radha and Krishna. The spraying of colored powders recalls the love sport of Lord Krishna and His devotees.

The color, noise and entertainment that accompanies the celebration of Holi bears witness to a feeling of oneness and sense of brotherhood. The festival brings home the lesson of spiritual and social harmony!

May 6 *11-3P * Oceanside Pier Amphitheater * $5


wilting wilderness

Flower Fields Forever by Jeff Booher

The curtain comes down on the Flower Fields in Carlsbad on Mother's Day. Take yourself out of the ordinary and spend a few hours in one of nature’s wonders; a place where kids can run and adults can linger. This 50 acres of extraordinary color is in full bloom on a hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean. What better way to show Mom you love her than by inviting her to feast her eyes on 50 acres of flowers at this colorful celebration in Carlsbad.

Now through May 14th; 9A-6P; 14USD



Hi Fidelity by Jeff Booher

This year’s Fiesta is sure to be MUY CALIENTE, transforming the historic Old Town area into the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration north of the border with Live Music & Entertainment, Lowrider Lane & Incredible Auto Showcase, Lucha Libre Matches, Children’s Activities and twirling skirts.

May 5th-7th * 10A-6P * Old Town * FREE




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Jeff Booher, Lin Craft, Richard Strobel

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