Battle of the birds Photos by emma main

On Feb. 3, the SHS boys basketball team faced off rival school Perry Meridian, losing 47 to 37.

Sophomore Nickens Lemba flexes after scoring on a drive.
Sophomore Keyon Miller spins around his opponent before passing the ball to a teammate.
Senior Ibrahim Kamara brings the ball up the court after Perry Meridian scores.
The SHS dance team holds a pyramid formation during their halftime performance.
Freshman Ellie Herwehe strikes a pose before transitioning into the next song of the medley.
Junior Latrell Williams hits a three-pointer while warming up after halftime.
Junior Van Lian makes a layup before starting in the third quarter.
Miller drives toward the basket while Lemba sets a screen.
The SHS student section rallies after sophomore Shane Handlon makes a three pointer.
Freshman Mary Pfeiffer performs a one-leg extension during a cheerleading stunt.
Williams dribbles the ball while waiting for a teammate to open up.
Lemba hangs from the rim after dunking the ball and scoring two points.
Lemba (left) and Miller (right) celebrate while transitioning down the court to play defense.