Switzerland Selina Bernet

Liechtenstein, Austria, France, Italy, Germany
Neutrality, democracy, peace and protection

National Holiday: 1. August (1291)

Year average temperature: 47.3°F (CH), 62.4°F (VA)

Official languages: French, German, Italian, Romansh

Population: 8'400'000

Area: 41,285 km2 (15,940 sq mi)

Currency: Swiss Franc (CHF) (1 CHF=0.99$)

Drinking Age: 16(Beer/Wine) 18 (Spirits)(CH), 21 (USA)

Driving Age: 18 (CH), 16 (USA)

26 Cantons
Lucern (Luzern), Zurich (Zürich), and Bern
Stäfa, Zürich


Selina B.

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