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The French Revolution was a success and a failure at the same time. Most people often see it as just a bloody mess. There were a ton of causes for the French Revolution, financial problems, and a horrible ruler

Taxes were a huge roll on the revolution. The tax burden was payed by peasants, wage earners, and the professional and business class. Debt became very high during the revolution, the kings managed their budget affairs by making unequal taxes, by borrowing money, and sometimes selling noble titles and other privileges. The created a long running budget crisis. To most people the revolution could be a success or a failure depending on how you look at it

The French Revolution was a success to the lower class, but to most the revolution failed because it didn't have freedom or equal rights among the people of France.

The Reign of Terror

The reign of Teri was a time of death, and lots of it. Maximilien Robespierre was known for his devotion to the French Revolution. Over time he became blood thirsty and corrupt. He really enjoyed the guillotine. It didn't spare any gender or age, no one was safe.

Germanys thoughts.

The French Revolution, which erupted in 1789 with the storming of the Bastille in Paris, at first gained the enthusiastic approval of some German intellectuals, who welcomed the proclamation of a constitution and a bill of rights. Within a few years, most of this support had dissipated, replaced by fear of a newly aggressive French nationalism and horror at the execution of the revolution’s opponents. In 1792 French troops invaded Germany and were at first pushed back by imperial forces. But at the Battle of Valmy in late 1792, the French army, a revolutionary citizens’ army fighting on its own soil, defeated the professional imperial army. By 1794 France had secured control of the Rhineland, which it was to occupy for twenty years.

Napoleon hero?

Napoleon was an incredible leader, from being just a poor body to leading a fleet of men to victory. Some will say he did nothing to help, others will say he was the reason France won the revolution. He is a hero to France and a great leader.


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