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I never really thought of my self being a photographer but when I took the class I fell in love with all the different kinda of ways you can twist your pictures. I never know that changing the color of the picture could change some ones thought on the picture and also how a weird angle could change the hole meaning of your pictures. Photography is just an amazing art with endless wonders.

^ I choose this picture because it really shows how beautiful the world is and how I see the world and how the colors correspond with each other gives it more of a calming spooky feel to my picture. ISO3200 90mm f/5.0 1/40sec
^ I chose this picture because it show a different way to see the world and how different thing will look if you think out side the box and look at a different point of view. ISO 1600 18mm f/5.0 1/10sec
^ This picture I really like it because it shows more emotion then most of my pictures because there where flours still left and also how it is black and white it makes the picture have more emotion. ISO 200 8045mm f/4.5 1/250sec
^ I also really like this picture because of the color and how the back round really makes the flour pop in the picture and also the detain in the flour is really brings it out. ISO 100 17.474mm f/5.0 1/60sec
^ I like this picture because it shows I know how to work in Photoshop and it gives a twist to most pictures ISO 1600 25mm f/5.6 1/60sec
My photography has gotten a lot better from the start of the semester yo now because I didn't know how to put emotion and feeling in my pictures but now I add a lot of emotion. Also I have also learned more about the camera to add more effect to my pictures and the editing part i have also gotten a lot better at in light room.

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