Incarceration and Circumstances

When Children commit crimes that judges deem to be bad enough they can be tried as adults and possibly lose their whole life because they could not afford lawyers to help them fight their case.
This graph shows the number of people incarcerated per 100,000 people in that racial group. As you can see Black people are at the top of this list with Hispanic following in at second, and it is typically poor Black or Hispanic people that get put into jails and prisons because they can not afford either a lawyer or bail. When judges decide to try Black or Hispanic children as adults they are attempting to take advantage of the fact that they are poor and cannot fend for themselves. After doing so these children are forgotten and left without lives.
If you think about it, not all of these children even committed these crimes, however not having a lawyer makes it harder to prove themselves not guilty. Also some children are forced into situations where they have to do something bad for their own well being, and they are children so of course they would not want anything bad to happen to themselves or their family. So the main question is why are we basically throwing the lives of innocent children and children that are forced to do things that they do not want to do away.

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