Christopher Columbus

Birth of an explorer

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Genoa Italy. When Columbus was a teenager he had a job on a merchant ship. During this time his ship was attacked near the Portuguese coast and the ship sank, but the young Columbus was able to make it to shore by floating on a piece of wood. After this he went on to study: math, astronomy, cartography and navigation.

Genoa Itialy

After being turned down many times by other countries for funding, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain sponsored Christopher for his journey. The purpose was to find a faster route to India. He made a total of four trips to the Caribbean and South America between the years of 1492 and 1504. His agreement was that he would get 10% of whatever riches he found and govern any land discovered.

First journey

Christopher Columbus' first journey was somewhere in 1492. He ended up somewhere in the Bahamas.


On August 3, 1492 Columbus and his men set out on his 4th journey. On October 12th nearly 2 months later he set foot on what he thought to be a new world, what is now known as South America. On his fourth and final journey Columbus made it to Panama, which is the farthest west he ever made it.


It was getting near the end for Christopher Columbus, his sight was failing and he was having health problems. On May 20, 1504 he passed away.


Most people thought Columbus set out to prove the earth is round, but the Greeks had done so many years ago.

The Pinta and the Nina where not the real names for Christopher Columbus' other two ships. The Nina was named after the owner, and the Pinta was a nickname which meant painted in red.

I think Columbus was tenacious because he kept on asking for funding after being denied many times. He was also courageous because in the time when there was limited navigation tools, he continued to follow his dreams of exploring the unknown. He was a risk taker because when you don't know what is out there and you are uncertain where you are going, this would make most people quit, but not Columbus.I think the life of a crew member would be stressful, especially under Columbus' watch or people on the same level, because of what he accomplished. You wouldn't want to mess up and disappoint him. Also, it would be easy to get sick because of lack of fresh food, medical attention and vitamin c.

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