Guinea Pigs Galore The ramblings of a girl who Loves GuiNea pigs

Welcome to Guinea pigs galore !

I'm Daisy and guinea Pigs Galore is about my two lovely fury friends, Bubble and Squeak and Guinea pigs in general. As you might have guessed, Squeak is the squeakiest of the two. He is also usually the first I manage to get when I have a cuddle with them. I hope you like guinea Pigs Galore!

This is my old Guinea pig , Poppy . We didn't get her from a baby . We adopted her . Her first owner was elderly and she couldn't look after Poppy any longer .Well ,she wasn't called Poppy to begin with . Her first owner handed her over to a friend and misheard Polly for Poppy . Poppy sadly passed away October 2016 .


These little fellas love to eat !

Guinea pigs in general like to eat things such as carrots , celery , cucumber , hay ( This is also used as bedding but never straw as this can poke their eyes .) The list is endless . Some of Bubble and Squeaks favourite treats ( This is not a full list !!! ) include carrot ribbons , grapes , long , juicy grass , dandelion leaves and pear .

Dried leaves

When leaves start falling , a lot of those leaves fall in to Bubble and Squeak's run . However, the leaves do no harm at all! The dried leaves are not suitable to add to a Guinea pig's diet though, as they do not contain all the things these furry friends need . It can be really funny sometimes when I watch Squeak much a crunchy leaf !

Unusual Guinea pig treats

As I've told you , Guinea pigs tend to have treats such as carrots , grapes and grass . However , there are things that are also worth them being good for like strawberries , pepper and apparently Bubble and Squeak find their hutch a nice snack .

Childrens books about Guinea pigs

Bubble and Squeak can't but why not have a section on books ?

There are lots of books about Guinea pigs by Varios authors . Here is just one book about Guinea pigs with a book review .

Genius by Dick King smith . This book is about a little girl called Judy and her two well three Guinea pigs . To start with she only has two Guinea pigs called Joe and Molly . Judy notices Molly is getting quite podgy . Judy thinks that Molly is just putting on weight but the next day she goes to see Joe and Molly and finds a baby Guinea pig aswell as Joe and Molly .Judy calls him genius . She says sit and he sits ! It's entertaining but a short read . This book is four stars out of five.

Famous Guinea pig owners

1 . Princess Diana owned a Guinea pig called Peanuts when she was a girl .

2 . Michael Bond , author of much loved Childrens story Paddington bear and many other children's books , owned three Guinea pigs called Pip , Squeak and Wilfred . He also had a dog called Binkie.

3. Dick King smith , author of the sheep pig that's seen on television as babe , had a Guinea pig called olga .


Bubble and Squeak wouldn't do this part if they wrote this website but as it happens I'm writing this! But just be warned , if you own Guinea pigs and want to bath them , you must leave their baths weeks apart otherwise it will ruin important oils .

Go to Guinea pig care then Bathtime . As well as games , pictures , ect ,this website has lots of useful information about Guinea pig care.

Fun Facts

Did you know that :

  1. Despite the fact they are called guinea pigs, they are not from the country Guinea, neither are they related to pigs.
  2. If you happen to have or have had a pet Guinea pig, you might have noticed they sometimes lick their paws then rub them onto their face.
  3. The other name for a guinea pig is a cavy. This is a shortened version of their official name, Cavia porcellus.
  4. Guinea pigs originally come from the Andes mountains
  5. The life span of these lovely furry creatures lays between 4 and 7 years. The better they are looked after the longer they will live.
  6. There are lots of different names for baby guinea pigs but mainly they are called either piglets, piggies or pups
  7. Did you know that guinea pigs can have baths? You've probably already seen the things about the Bathtime which Bubble and Squeak dread ................( If you've not look above . )

Guinea pig day trip !!!

The two 'adventures ' ( Their trips apart from this so far consist of across the road , to a pet church service and in the fern I can never seem to get them out of !) have now experienced the classic , enjoyable trip by the sea .The salty sea air , the number of ice cream stalls,the simple castles of sand and the complicated .They were as good as gold while having their photos taken.

Adopting a Guinea pig

If you're willing to look after and have the time , space and money , to get a Guinea pig ,then why don't you consider giving a home to a rescue one ? I adopted my old Guinea pig Poppy .

Merry Christmas !

Bubble and Squeak sure know how to party! They definitely know it's the festive season! This year is their very first Christmas! Some furry friends are having their first birthday March.............. I need to go present shopping again.....................................


The classic fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a poor girl called Cinderella who had two horrible step sisters. They forced her to be a servant.

One day an invitation arrived on the door mat . This was confusing as the sisters were never invited to anything.

She showed it to the sisters . ' An invitation to the royal ball! Get to work on our dresses at once Cinderella! ' 'Can't I come too? ' cried Cinderella ' No you can't! Anyway, if you did the prince wouldn't take a second look at you .'

Cinderella wept and wept when the ugly sisters had left for the ball . Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of light

Cinderella screeched ! ' It is ok . I am your fairy godmother, ' reassured a soft , gentle voice.'Iam able to appear to you once and only once to work my magic on you.' Cinderella gave a gasp of delight! The fairy godmother gave a flick of her wand . The girl who had been in rags for decades was ecstatic at the results of the wand flick.

' Just look at this flowing dress ! And a glass slipper! ' exclaimed Cinderella, giving a twirl in the new outfit.' I warn you , my marvellous magic shall only last until midnight,' cautioned the fairy godmother.

The godmother siezed a perfectly ordinary pumpkin then preformed the wand flick. It grew huge! Big enough for a person! Or even two ! Three , four , five ! Cinderella clambered in . Off to the ball it went !

The ball was terrific !

it was love at first sight for Cinderella and the prince . They danced until the clock stuck twelve

Cinderella flew in a panic,leaving a glass slipper as she went.

The prince was heartbroken. He declared he would search the land for as long as it took to find the girl who fitted the slipper which was carried on a heart shaped cushion.

Meanwhile, Cinderella was weeping.

There came a knock at the door.

The prince discovered it was Cinderella and they were married.

And they both lived happily ever after

The end .

Happy birthday!

A very happy birthday to Bubble and Squeak ! They had a lovely first birthday on 24 the March .

They had a birthday party..............

And here's Squeak using one of his presents!

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Blimey! Have we really found someone who likes sprouts ?

This year the boys had a very peaceful Christmas in their hutch . ( Apart from when they had a trip inside) They had a sort of traditional Christmas dinner ( Brussel sprouts and carrot peel) and opened their present . (A seed ring to go in their run) Merry Christmas from Bubble and Squeak!

Not quite spring yet!

It may be rainy outside but that’s not holding Bubble and Squeak back !

Have a tour of the boys' hutch !

You’ve read all about them . You’ve seen them look ridiculous. You’ve seen hundreds of photos of them .You’ve .... well , that’s about it really.But all that you have actually seen of their hutch is a door . So this is why I’m going give you a tour of their hutch .

(Hopefully available next time I get round to updating)

The guinea pig song!🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹

Aren’t these two the cutest?

So you’ve read all my content and think Bubble and Squeak look 100% adorable( which they do) and perhaps you’re wondering if you should get a Guinea Pig ? Take this quick quiz to find out ! Remember, this is just a bit of fun and , overall , it shouldn’t generally effect your decision.

Can you guess Bubble and Squeak's next holiday destination?

It’s summer again and you know what that means- holidays! For Bubble and Squeak aswell ...

Where do you think they’ll go this year?

A) The zoo

B) A theme park

C) France

D) Spain


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