This video is called "You Look Disgusting" by Em Ford.

I chose this video for my e-journaling assignment because I believe that it holds a lot of meaning. It shows the reality of being a girl and whether you wear makeup or not. Although this may not seem like a big deal, wearing makeup gives a person a lot of confidence. As someone who's worn makeup since I was 8, I used to have little to no confidence when I didn't wear makeup. Throughout elementary and high school, I've often been told that I'm wearing too much makeup, my makeup isn't done right, I'd look better without makeup, makeup is a waste of money, and I look like a "goth" because of my eyeliner. When I chose not to wear makeup, people would ask me if I was sick, tired, or that I looked better with makeup on. These comments no longer bother me, as I've grown to accept myself and love myself, but they can be really harmful to someone who is ashamed of how they look without makeup. Regardless of whether you wear makeup or not, you will be judged based on your looks, there's no winning.

With social media being involved, people can easily post comments and opinions on another person's post. These comments can be nice, however, they can also be used in a harmful way. People gain more confidence when they are hidden behind a screen, and are therefore more likely to post harassing things. This video is a great example of the things people hidden behind screens post, as this girl had the confidence to post pictures of herself without makeup on, when she felt more vulnerable, and people took advantage of it and harassed her. I do not think this is acceptable. Then, when she posted pictures with makeup on, people continued to harass her based on how she looked.

Society paints a picture of how people are supposed to look, celebrities who post makeup less selfies are often still flawless, however, this is not a reality for everyone. For people with acne scars, uneven skin tone, scars, burns, or other "imperfections" on their face, it could be really hard for them to be seen without some kind of makeup or cover up. When people take advantage of the fact that someone has posted something or gone out in public without makeup on, it can completely destroy somebody's confidence. Society and media does not always help in this case, as most the people in magazines and television often have flawless skin. This makes it irregular for people to be seen with acne or other "imperfections." It's even harder for men to wear makeup, as it is only recently becoming normal for a man to wear makeup. Covergirl has recently gotten their first male model. It's still not seen as completely normal, however, that is changing.

I think that this video is a great thing, as it shows the reality behind women wearing makeup- you will never please everyone. People will continuously judge you whether you wear makeup or not. This shouldn't be acceptable, but unfortunately, it happens. People should remain confident in their choices, regardless of what other's have to say about them. It is really saddening that people can say such cruel things to someone online.


Ford, Em. "YOU LOOK DISGUSTING." Retrieved from

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