Canbury School Newsletter March 16th 2018. issue 121

Dear Parents and Visitors

What a great week Canbury students have had. Success at the Unihoc Tournament on Monday and a cultural trip to see The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in London on Wednesday. Mrs Rich and accompanying staff said that our students were wonderfully behaved and thoroughly enjoyed the show. I very much enjoyed eating my lunch with the students yesterday listening to their 'best bits' of the day.

This week I attended a Technology Conference at the BMA in Tavistock Square. I experienced a range of awe, wonder and fear at some of the current and new technology available for schools and young people. One of the speakers was Sir Anthony Seldon. His keynote speech was about the fifth revolution - Artificial Intelligence - and asked, 'Will robots replace heads or bursars first?'. He anticipated around 2040, so you won't get rid of me just yet!

We are an ISA (Independent School Association) school and as such, it is a pleasure to be able to liaise with and support our fellow ISA schools. Yesterday, not only did we have our usual weekly visit from Park Hill Prep School Yrs 3&4, but they were joined by pupils from The Study School. As part of their STEM learning and Science Week, they were able to separate mixtures and solutions in our lab. However, the big scientific thrill was . . . they could use the bunsen burners for the first time. Science is most definitely fun at Canbury.

Bunsen burners . . .safety goggles at the ready again.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


What Canbury means to me

It is a really good school. And I really like the teachers because they are nice to me. And I have lots of friends that I really like. I like that we get packed lunches every day so we don’t need to pay any more money for the school. I really like doing kayaking at school when we did it. And now I have a school email because of Canbury. And it is closer to my house so I don't have such a long journey and I can spend more time at home. And I have lots of friends who share the same interests as me.

True, Year 7.

Students of the week

Year 7

The ART class have been working very hard to produce cake sculptures in the style of Claes Oldenberg.

Ain deserves a mention for her very creative use of mod roc.

Ottilie for her unique cake base

Shaaiyon for his very strong and well made structure that he worked on with Lucas.

Drum roll for year 7, who have a certificate for excellent performance on 250 year 7 Mathematics skills. This is a fantastic achievement and more than any other cohort achieved during the whole of last year, except year 9 who they have matched. However it is only March - who knows what they will achieve by July?

Year 8

Oskar for winning the 'four corners' word game in English.

Victor for his clever understanding of the plot twists in “Return to Groosham Grange” that we are reading together in English.

Oskar for some good work in Mathematics.

Harry for excellent work on his ixl homework; it was outstanding.


Year 9

Drew and Emily for their computer work in graphics.

Year 9 for the great way they approached Pythagoras, even tackling a GCSE-style set of questions.

Year 9 historians for their excellent essays on the causes of World War I. A special mention for Cate on this work.

Drew and Emily - again - for their well-constructed stories and their ability to complete them under timed conditions in English.

Year 10

Ijaaz for his keenness and hard work in Photography.

Eugenia for her eye for detail in Photography.

Luca for his quiet determination to improve his skills in Art.

Year 11

Omid for demonstrating last week that he had learnt and remembered his Physics formulae really well.

Luqmaan, Ruslan and Harry for excellent performance in the History test on Appeasement.

All of the Year 11 photographers for their hard work in preparation for the exam after Easter.

Luqmaan for his very well written creative response in English.

It's a bit of a squash, but the benefits of mindfulness means our students are happy to get on with it.

Year 11 and 12 students are having top-up mindfulness sessions as part of their PSHE classes. As you can see, space is limited, so bravo to all our students who, wanting to access the powerful properties of the classes, are happy to squash in.

After completing the course in Year 9, 83.3% of students expressed highly positive opinions about the course and highlighted that participating and learning mindfulness will be helpful in dealing with stress.

As one student said: “exams, stress - it just stops”, and another said: “It will help me to focus and relax in stressful moments”. Thank you to our very own mindfulness teacher, Miss Chorazyczewska.

Year 12

This week Margaux and Oscar received their exam results for Unit 1 Children’s Play, Learning and Development and both have passed at level 2! Well done to both for their hard work...fantastic news!


Mr Natt is extremely happy. No sooner had he received a certificate to celebrate the fact that KS3 had answered 45,000 IXL questions, than the figure jumped to 50,000. He has reported himself as being (unusually for an English teacher) speechless!


Year 11 (Jack and Louise) found the specific heat capacity of water. Overall, our results were quite good. It's a high number... "hot water bottle anyone?"

Religious Studies

This term Year 7 have been studying the story of Moses and the Exodus of the Israelites. We were so lucky that Alannah's Grandma Mrs Gould came to our lesson to tell us about the traditions of Passover and what the Seder plate represented. It was wonderful to be able to see and taste what we had been learning about. Thank you Mrs Gould for giving of your time, and for the Matzo!

Duke of Edinburgh Award

This week we will focus on how Ritika is getting along with her Duke of Edinburgh Award work. Ritika is a Canbury School alumnus and has already achieved her bronze award (well done you) and is now working towards her silver.

Ritika has chosen to do swimming for her physical. She is following a training programme put together by Speedo in order to develop her stamina. For her skill she is cooking. Lottie’s mum, Mrs Reynolds has been kindly supervising this. She is exploring dishes from around the world. Check out some of the food she has cooked.

When can we come round for supper, Ritika?

It certainly looks like she is working hard on this skill. Her volunteering is with a local charity shop. She has continued this from her bronze award and goes in regularly to help mark up clothing for sale and get it ready.

It is exciting to have participants involved in the silver award this year and Ms Peters, our Duke of Edinburgh leader, will update us on the progress of our other silver participants in forthcoming newsletters. Thank you Ms Peters.




The re-scheduled SSSSA Unihoc Tournament took place this week. Canbury 'A' won their group:

v. Bensham B 6-0

v. Clarendon B 3-0

v. Freemantles A 1-1.

Canbury 'A' team winners - what a great result.

Canbury 'B' also won their group:

v. Freemantles B 0-0

v. Clarendon A 3-0

v. Bensham A 3-0

v. Young Epilepsy 2-2.

Canbury 'B' team - worthy competitors.

Both Canbury 'A' & 'B' won their next matches against the fourth placed teams in the other group, although Canbury 'A' started rather badly going 0-2 down in the first 30 seconds with identical goals from the start! However, they pulled back very comfortably to win 4-2.

But then.....both Canbury teams had to play each other. It was a close match but the 'A' team, especially Lucas and True, were too strong.

The 'A' Team then beat Freemantles A 4-0 to win the tournament whilst Canbury B narrowly lost out to Clarendon A.

An excellent day all round - many thanks also to Ms Ross, Ms Emmanuel and to our supporter Ottilie. We couldn't have done it without you.

Photography and Art

The recent senior welcome morning saw fledging artists designing beautiful pop up cards.

The Photographers’ Gallery in London is running student workshops suitable for 12-15 yr olds and 14-24 yr olds at weekends and over the Easter break. Further details of these can be found by following the link here: https://thephotographersgallery.org.uk/whats-on/events/develop-events-listing

House News

Achiever, 150 HP


Letter 2, 30 HP



Letter 3, 45 HP


Letter 4, 60 HP


Letter 5, 75HP

James C

Meet the member of staff.

This week, we put some questions to Mr Adams, our site manager. When many of us are still tucked up in our cosy beds, or maybe just crawling out of them, Mr Adams is opening up the school and making sure all is ready and waiting for another day at Canbury. Read on to learn a little more about Ms Clancy's keeper of the keys.......

How long have you been at Canbury?

Two years.

What's the best part of your job?

Variety and enjoy being part of the school community.

..........And your least favourite?

Unblocking the drains and cleaning the boys' toilets !

What subject(s) did you LOVE at school?

PE & Sports, and Science.

Mr Adams: up with the lark and loves messing about on the water.

Is there anything you wish you had studied and you didn't


Best film of all time?

Reach for the sky. The story of Sir Douglas Bader.

Douglas Bader

What piece of advice would you give to your 12 year old self?

Don’t let fear hold you back. Just go for it.

Have you taken up something later in life that you never dreamed you would do?

Motor boating. I have a motor boat and love taking it on the river and the sea. I love adventure and being on the water.

Dog lover or cat lover?

Dog. I am hoping to get a puppy in the summer.

If you had a big pot of money, what would you spend it on at school?

New table tennis tables and a sports field.

What would be your last meal and why do you like it so much? (This ace question from Jack E.)

Roast turkey with all the trimmings. It reminds me of Christmas when I’m with my family and friends.

Metropolitan Police and the Mayor of London want YOUR views.

As part of the new Police and Crime Plan, the Mayor of London has outlined his commitment to ‘keeping children and young people safe’ by tackling the crimes that cause the most harm to young people in London.

That's why the Mayor’s Office of Policing and Crime (MOPAC), together with the Metropolitan Police Service, are launching the new Youth Survey 2018 across London. This is your chance for your young person's voice to be heard.

The survey aims to gather the views of young people aged 11 to 16 (school year groups 7 to 11) in relation to a wide range of crime and safety issues, including:

· Personal safety

· Crime victimisation

· Perceptions of the police

· Serious youth violence

· Online activity and safeguarding (school year groups 10 & 11 only)

Survey responses will be used to drive important improvements in the way that the Police and other criminal justice agencies work with, and deliver services to, young people. The survey will give young people the chance to shape policies and campaigns developed by the Mayor of London, and to inform local police priorities and youth engagement strategies.

The survey is hosted online, and will be open until Friday 20th April 2018.

A link to the survey is included below:


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