Dell Research Project Group 12: Steven Eissler, Christian campbell, Abigail knox, douglas revell, clarissa tipping

Research Design

. The company is doing well in many aspects; however, customer satisfaction is one area in which the company lacks. Therefore the research question for this case is: "Does customer satisfaction with Dell influence the likelihood to repurchase or recommend Dell to others?”

Additional Questions:

  • Overall, how satisfied are you with your Dell Computer
  • How likely would you be to recommend Dell to a friend or relative
  • If you could make your computer purchase again, how likely would you be to choose Dell?

Alternative Hypothesis:

  • Customer satisfaction does influence the likelihood of repurchase or recommendation of Dell.

Null Hypothesis

  • Customer satisfaction does not influence the likelihood of repurchase or recommendation of Dell

Data Structure

  • Ordinal Scale: Quality, market position, and preference rankings
  • Rank-order: - Closely associated with ordinal data - Rank points in order of preference
  • Likert Scale: Easy to create and understand with five options to choose from

Data Analysis

  • Recoded into 3 Simple Responses
  • Triangulation will be utilized
  • Significance will be compared to other sources for credibility

Recommendations + Conclusions

  • Reject the null hypothesis
  • Run more studies in the future to further understand what aspects of DELL customers are happy with


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