Mason's Voices of Well-Being Our very own Mason Students and Faculty share their stories on how they can enhance their well-being.

Ethan Carter, Associate Director of Programs, Well-being, and Assessment, shares what he does to enhance his well-being

"My name is Ethan and I enhance my well-being through reading. I like fiction and non-fiction, novels based on popular action movies like the Transformers, Spiderman and most comic based characters. The caveat is that the main character has to have good ethics, morals, and values. That is why Optimus Prime is my favorite even as an adult!
When it comes to non-fiction, I love books on leadership, communication, black history and well-being. I want to cultivate a culture of learning in my life. I have a 3-year-old and it is amazing to see how much he learns each day and he can't even read. If he can learn at such a high rate, why can't I do the same?
One way I seek to step up my learning is by opening my mind and approaching every situation with a learner's perspective. In short, I interact with every second of life saying 'teach me'. Reading enhances my well-being by helping me to develop a greater understanding of the world.
A book provides someone else's perspective, which I need because I want to diversify my view of the world, I am fortunate enough to live in. I once heard that reading a book is like receiving 3 years of knowledge from the author because it takes about that long to write a book. I don't know if that is true, but I like the idea."

-Ethan Carter, Associate Director of Programs, Mason Recreation

"To get the most of my reading I have begun underling content that stands out and writing notes, comments, and questions in the margins. These are clutch for me, as after a few months I like to return to previously read books by focusing on the sections I noted during my initial read through so that I reinforce the content in a short amount of time. That helps me to keep learning.
Lately I have really made a commitment to read more, so I am to read at least 100 pages per week. I try to break my reading into 10-15 pages a day, but if I am crunch for time, I read 5-7 pages to begin and end my day.
Some of my favorite titles to read are Rebel Talent by Francesca Gino, Better Conversations by Jim Knight, and Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. I encourage all of you to try to read as a part of enhancing your well-being."

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