Person Centred Social Work The curious Paradox is when I accept myself just as i am, then i can change.

The Client Knows Best

The approach is based on person not problem. The aim is to provide positive environment where a person can reach their inherent potential.

Example 1: I work with autistic children and I allow them to direct the way they want to play.

Example 2: I worked with a gentleman with a brain injury. He did not like having his dinner in the dining room and it made him distressed. we talked to him about what he would prefer and he said he would like to eat alone in another room. when it came to dinner time we changed things around so he could eat and watch tv with staff.


  • It can be applied to someones whole life and not just a specific problem
  • We thought that it was something that most people would naturally want to do
  • it can offer a continued willingness to grow


  • Sometimes its not possible to develop the bond for truly person centred approach
  • You might have to damage the relationship if things are not going well e.g. if you are a child protection social worker
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