My Career Elementary School Teacher

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela

Teaching has always been my dream!


I don't have a specific school I would like to work for, but the Rogue Valley would be a good place to start because I enjoy living in smaller towns and being near family. I went to Mae Richardson Elementary so I want to work there if I end up here. I like that because its a small school everyone knows each other and its more like a family. I believe I could be a good contribution to this school.

What WOULD I DO and how?

I would prefer to teach third graders. At this age they begin learning multiplication, division, cursive, and other simple introductory things. My salary would be around $55,200 depending on what school or area I live in. I plan on making my classroom both fun and educational. I want my students to enjoy school, but still get something out of the lessons. When I interned I really learned a lot about how to run a classroom, and what not to do. I would make the students feel heard and their ideas appreciated.

Where do i get my necessary skills?

I interned at Mae Richardson for a third grade class so I got some experience. I also taught Spanish to a fifth graders for a few months and I really enjoyed that. I have many younger family members so I have had a lot of practice with kids. I will get a degree from Brigham Young University in Early Childhood Education and do a year of student teaching to help me prepare even more for this job.

When Do They Hire?

They hire whenever they are in need of a teacher, whether one quits or retires. They tend to pick someone at the end of the school year so the teacher would be prepared for the oncoming year. I would just need to send in my resume and qualifications, check in on the position, and hope they hire me!

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