John Girardeau South Carolina Revival Summer 1857

134 Anson Street Presbyterian Church, South Carolina, USA, had forty-eight black members and twelve white members. In 1857, they began a prayer meeting, petitioning God to send an outpouring of His Spirit, "a spiritual Awakening," and they began waiting for the outpouring of the Spirit."

One evening while leading in prayer, Girardeau felt as if a surge of electricity struck his head and gone through his entire body. The preacher received the most distinctive conviction that he had had ever that the prayers were heard and answered and he said this, "The Holy Spirit has come. We will begin preaching tomorrow evening."

When the congregation was dismissed, they would not depart. They insisted on Gerardo proclaiming Christ. By the time he was able to re-dismiss the congregation, it was midnight. Then we are told that for 8 weeks, night after night, he preached, he says, "to dense and deeply moved congregations."

Pastor Girardeau

Every night for the next eight weeks, he preached on "sin and repentance, faith and justification, and regeneration" to crowds of 1,500 to 2,000. Many whites as well as blacks were converted. Of the ones who lived local, they later joined the various congregations in the city.

Folks, this is what the Spirit can do. Even when the revival itself was over, the pastor wrote, quote, "The work grew steadily until it was arrested by the war," referring to the Civil War. As with so many others, he always "believed that this great ingathering was the merciful work of God prior to the conflict which was so soon to sweep so many of them into eternity."

Anecdotal stories recount among the ones who were there in the meeting visiting wanting to take Revival back to their towns was a New York businessman named Jeremiah Lanphier. He had been in Charles Finney meetings and now after actually attending the Anson Street Revival, he took a “spark” with him back to Fulton Street in New York where a lunch time prayer meeting he started amongst other businessmen was said to be the start and birthing of the 3rd Great Awakening in America.

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