The Ming Dynasty and Tokugawa Shogun kaia Higginbotham

Compare and Contrast the Ming emperor and the Tokugawa of Japan of this period. What were some examples of their leadership styles? How did they rule their respective countries? Were they successful or not, and why? Did they leave a legacy for their countries? Would you consider their impact positive or negative? If you had to choose, which ruler's citizen you would have liked to be and why?

During this time Hongwu was the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Also known as Zhu Yuanzhang, he was the first Ming Dynasty emperor and founded it as well. Tokugawa Leyasu was first shogun of the Tokugawa shogun and also the founder. Both leaders were successful in regarding their duties as leaders to their countries but there were several differences between the two. For instance Tokugawa Ieyasu was the military leader of Japan, hence the word "shogun" meaning a military dictator of Japan. So he was technically not the ruler of the country but had complete control of the military, which had a great impact on the power of Japan. He managed the country by bringing in more wealth and power to the less fortunate merchants.

On the other hand this was opposite for the other leader, Hongwu the Ming Emperor was actually the ruler of China. As a matter of fact he did not obtain any power and was nothing more than the representative of China. He ruled by focusing on trying to keep sacred ceremonies and authority running kept together. He was seen as more of a religious leader. Unfortunately Hongwu was unsuccessful due to The Ming Dynasty falling apart after Hongwu. Although The Shogun was successful, their country developed to and gained power. If I had to choose one of ruler's citizen to be I would choose to be apart of the Shogun because their military ways have always fascinated me and I think it would be incredible to be apart of such a strong defensive service, protecting my country. Learning their techniques and style would interest me as well.

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