Tajikistan By paige hollis


What hemishphere is Tajikistan in?

Tajikistan is in Europe and is in the northern and eastern hemisphere.

What countries borDer and Tajikistan?

Tajikistan is bordered by China, and Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

What is tajikisans capital city?

Dashanbe is tajikistans capital city which the the coordinates are 48N, 70E

Physical characteristics

What temperature zone is tajikistan in?

Tajikistan is in the temperate zone. That means that they have hot and cold during the year. There are four seasons: summer, fall, winter, and spring.

What are some major physical characteristics in Tajikistan?

These are some mountains and mountain views in Tajikistan and they are bigger than some mountains that n you can find pretty much anywhere if you like to travel
This is the Pamir A Lay mountains in Tajikistan it is the biggest mountain in Tajikistan.


whats the population?

The population for Tajikistan is small because Tajikistan is a crowded country to live in and their world rank is 109 which means that they are not very populated.

This ribbon stands fro the 109th place rank for population.

This is an example of their density population because it shows the people of Tajikistan. Tajikistan's density population is 133 people/square miles.

Tajikistan's population growth rate is 1.48% per year.

largest CITies in tajikistan

This is the rank fior the largest cities in Tajikistan.

Tajikistans net migration is leaving because there are -1.17 migrants and 1,000 population.


Is tajikistan developed or developing?

My country Tajikistan is a developing country because the GDP per capita is only at 2,300 and that really low. Also, there is a 63.96 years life expectancy. Finally, my last thing to support my reasoning is that the literacy rate is good but not great because it's only at 99.7%.


What is tajikistans main languages?

Tajikistans main languages are Tajik 79.9%, Uzbek 15.3%, Russian 1.1%, Kyrgyz 1.1%, and others at 2.6%.

Main religions

Sunni Muslim 85%, Shia Muslim 5%, others at 10%.

Main sPorts

I read from google that they play football and martial arts for their psports in Tajikistan. But in the mountains it provides psports like climbing and skiing.

Thank you for reading my presentation!


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