Diebold Nixdorf "NEW ATM LOVE" :15, :30, & :60

ATM Love, told through the POV of a female. The ATM has been in use since the 1960's, and this video concept, will follow a viewer through the progression of time, the 1960's to the current day. The use of props, wardrobe, & talent, the camera will follow the main talent on a walk down the block. The talent will pass the ATM in every time in each scene, except for the last one, where she then holds up her phone and the technology connects on a deeper level.


ATM's History.
Throughout the POV using props to sell the era, style, & tone.
Ages told through footwear.
Snap Chat Style Filter

Editing Style: I would like each era to have it owns look, the 1970's would have more of a browns and vintage feel, the 1980's would have that Madonna pop feel added, the 1990's would give the Reality Bites Feel, 2000's would have a more modern feel, & current time will feel the most clean and vibrant.

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